Abergele...Planning Conflict Of Interest by Councillor Andrew Wood & Friends!

I would say that this is a pretty accurate and fair request. If Wood and his chums are all on the planning Committee how on earth can this be..

A Fair?

B, A Conflict of interest?

What should happen in cases like this is that Llandudno or Colwyn Bay should deal with the application!

Dear Conwy County Borough Council,

Cllr Andrew Wood
Has just submitted a planning application Ref 0/50124
Land next to Manor Farm Abergele LL22 8ET
The concerns are...

1, Cllr Wood sits on the Planning Committee that will be deciding the outcome of his application!

Should this be allowed?

Also is this not a conflict of interest?

A, Furthermore five of Cllr Woods's close friends also sit on the committee.

Should this be allowed, as this will not be an unbiased vote?

This is a conflict of interest, so what will be done?

His friends will never vote against him, and may even feel they have to vote in his favor due to their friendships.

What does the council normally do in situations like this?

A number of Abergele residents are very concerned about this application and feel that it will not be dealt with fairly due to the above reasons.

Thank You

Yours faithfully,



  1. Cllr Wood, And Cllr Charles McCoubrey are as corrupt as Putin,

  2. Woods is so corrupt, sly and a nasty little man

  3. Woods makes me feel unclean.


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