Abergele...Town Council Refuse To Suspend Councillor Wood During Ombudsman & Police Investigation!


Shocked, or not even surprised? I would say both, how can someone carry on their role as a Councillor if they are under investigation?

The letter below is shocking, the original email sent by a community member stated that the Ombudsman was investigating, yet they deflect this back to the sender, telling them to go to the Ombudsman!

The town council have the power to suspend whilst an investigation is ongoing, but has chosen not to!

Imagine if the allegations for example were for an alleged Schedule 1 offence, would they do the same?

Here the matter is of an alleged criminal nature, but they do nothing, is this due to Cllr Wood's friends on the board, this is what the community are saying!

However, there is one extra thing that has just come out of the woodwork regarding the troubled councillor that we are told is soon to hit social media! Keep watching.

Below is the reply to the request for Cllr Woods's suspension...

Good morning


Many thanks for your email.


The Town Council is not able to take any action against an elected member and would need to be referred to the Ombudsman who can investigate complaints regarding Councillors under Code of Conduct.


If you wish to take this matter forward the information regarding this can be found at What we do when we get your complaint about a local authority member’s conduct (ombudsman. wales)




Cyngor Tref Abergele Town Council

And the reply back to the council for the above shocking response!

Thank you for your email reply, however, the Ombudsman already are investigating, this was about The Town Council taking action and suspending the councillor whilst the investigation is taking place by the Ombudsman and the Police.
Clearly, you have no intention of following policy and are allowing a Councillor who is under investigation, to continue in his post despite such serious concerns being raised.
I have to say it is no shock and something that one would expect from the Abergele Town Council.

No wonder so many people are raising such serious concerns about its ability to practice as a Town Council.


  1. What a shock, all of his chums covering for him!

  2. McCoubrey licks his backside for some reason!


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