Colwyn Bay...Poo left on doorway of shop could ‘quite possibly be human’!

Sadly I have seen this in Llandudno and Chester as well, usually drunks or the homeless, no excuse, however, there are no toilets available at night. 

Some places have individual toilet cubes you pay to go in that are timed. But I doubt it would stop them!

THE OWNER of a shop in Colwyn Bay said he felt ‘sick’ after finding poo at the entrance to his shop.

Neil Wood, who owns Wood’s gift shop on Sea View Road, was greeted by a pile of feces at the entrance to his shop on Monday, 13 March.

He soon took to social media, lamenting those responsible for not using waste bins and not cleaning up their dog mess.

Mr. Wood said this was not the first time this had happened, and that it was a problem across the town centre.

“It’s all the time, people just bringing their dogs around town,” Neil told the Pioneer.

“It’s part of the reason why the town is just going downhill, people are coming into town, just using it as a dog toilet or throwing their litter everywhere

“These are simple things, just keeping the town tidy.

“Sometimes when I come into work in the morning they’re stood in the doorway letting their dogs do everything, but that one the other day just made me sick.”

Neil has had the shop for 20 years and says that the worsening state of the problem is making him consider calling it a day, with the owner even having to clean the walls of his business.The poo left at the entrance. Photo: Neil Wood (Image: Neil Wood)

He said: “I have walls at the front of my shop, and I have to go and disinfect them and clean them because if I don’t do that, and on a warm day, the smell of stale pee that comes in the shop is gross.

“I’ve been here 20 years and I’m seriously considering ‘enough is enough’.

“People always think that money needs spending on stuff, but if people just give a damn, and had a bit of respect, then the town would be twice as good as it is.”

Some residents said online that the poo looked more human than canine, which Neil said makes it even worse.

He said it shouldn’t fall on authorities to deal with the matter.

Neil added: “It was unusual, that’s what angered me. Why would you bring your dog here and let it poo where it did?

“It’s bad enough just doing it in the doorway but to do it there, it could quite possibly be human which makes it even worse.

“But it doesn’t deter away from the fact people that people in the area are using the town, the shops, the doorways, as dog toilets.”



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