Conwy County...Poll, Community have their say on Councillors approving Wales' biggest council tax increase!

My first problem with this poll is that it does not say Nil on the amount you agree to for an increase.

The council is a law unto itself, you cannot find out exactly how much they spend in different departments, they have so far refused to answer an FOI request on how many managers there are in the council.

The public has no power to stop the council from doing things, wasting money, building a carbuncle, hiring managers, etc!

So much money wasted by them, but no sackings or pay cuts in the high office!

And what happens? They dump all of the waste and overspend on the poor taxpayer, and if you miss a payment you get a bailiff's letter! 

But if they waste our money or do something we are not happy with, we can do nothing!

How is this fair?

Conwy Council has come under fire after voting through Wales' highest council tax increase. A number of North Wales Live readers have questioned how locals will be able to afford the extra outgoings amid the cost-of-living crisis.

Last week, 36 councillors approved the council tax rise of jut under 10 per cent. This was the highest increase across all of the 22 unitary councils that make up Wales.

Many have now taken part in our survey to share their views on the rise. Unsurprisingly, many were not happy at the prospect of handing over more money when the cost of living crisis continues to test the bank balances of families across the country.

The vast majority of our survey respondents did not agree with the Conwy councillors. In total, 1,012 of 1,087 people thought those in charge made the wrong decision.

Our readers who disagreed were also asked, if they were deciding for the county, to choose an alternative figure. Most were torn between five per cent [395] and the lowest option we gave - three per cent [375].

People also had the opportunity to voice their opinions freely in the final question, asking 'What would your message be to Conwy's councillors?' after the tax increase was approved. The responses were a mixed bag - with some criticising the councillors and others having some sympathy.

One said: "Unless our wages increase how are we supposed to pay for this? I actually work for Conwy Council as a foster carer and our wages haven't gone up in 14 years its a joke!"

Another wrote: "I appreciate council budgets are tight but we can't afford this rise on top of everything else rising and wages stagnating. The rainy day is here!"

What do you think about the council tax rise? Take part in our survey above and let us know.

A third said: "Reduce costs to the absolute minimum as any private business would HAVE to do in order to remain competitive. The council have a monopoly service and is acting with total disregard for residents' ability to pay these exorbitant increases."

A fourth commented: "It's a scandal! Cut salaries and staff levels, sell off unused council buildings and recruit budget-conscious councillors."

Previously, Lead member for finance Cllr Mike Priestley said the situation was the worst the authority had ever faced. He said: "We have not overspent. I’m putting that on the record now. We have had pressures coming at us left, right, and centre.”

He added: “It has been a horrendous financial year. I didn’t want to be here with a rise like that. These are pressures that are out of our control.”



  1. Why is there no governing body that monitors everything they do?


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