Colwyn Bay ...County Council launches consultation on draft Corporate Plan

We know what the council will focus on! Basically, themselves, ignoring the public, messing up with finances and taxing us more, destroying our heritage, and employing questionable people, so nothing will change here! 

THE Council invites the public to submit their views and suggestions on its draft Corporate Plan 2022-27.

The Plan sets out the Council’s goals to make improvements. In the creation of the draft, the Council has already spoken to organizations and community groups, professionals and staff, Town and Community Councils, and families and young people.

Feedback has told of peoples’ experience of Council services and what the Council should focus on in the near future.

The draft five-year plan can now be seen and commented on, on the Conwy County Borough Council website, while other feedback can be emailed to or by phone to 01492 574000.

This consultation ends on July 8, and all comments submitted will be considered before the final version of the plan is published in autumn of this year.

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