Monday, 23 May 2022

Colwyn Bay ...Breaking News Arrests have been made at the scene

By the look of the picture and the police on the right of the picture, it is either at The notorious Llys Trevor Social housing falts, which the police just need to park outside permanently as they are there that often! Or the junk shop!
The bets are on the block of social housing flats.

There is a major police presence in Colwyn Bay at an ongoing incident. A number of police cars and the dog branch were spotted in and around the Seaview Road area.

It's understood arrests have been made at the scene. We will bring you updates as we get them.

North Wales ...Compulsory Registration For Airbnbs and Holiday Lets Welcomed.

This type of accommodation should be regulated and there should be a registration for this. The only people that would object are..

1, People fiddling their taxes 

2, People fiddling their benefits.

If you rent you need special insurance and gas and safety checks, and if these people are not registered there is a high risk that properties may not even be safe!

It is good to see that people with brains are welcoming this move, and about time too.

Tourism leaders in Wales have flagged up concerns over the compulsory registration of holiday accommodation providers. While they hope it will weed out the industry's “bad guys”, there are fears the system will pave the way for a tourism tax in the country.

The Welsh Government has begun work on introducing a registration scheme for all holiday and self-catered accommodation. It’s the third element of a strategy to tackle local housing crises in areas hit by over-tourism – the others being proposed new occupancy rules on holiday lets and council tax premiums on second homes.

Last week Visit Cornwall confirmed it has begun consulting on a similar compulsory registration system. In a region beset by housing concerns similar to those in Gwynedd and Anglesey, the tourism body blamed online marketing platforms such as Airbnb for causing an influx of unregulated accommodation.

The Wales Tourism Alliance (WTA) said it would back a Welsh registration scheme providing certain conditions were met. “It would help distinguish legitimate accommodation providers from casual lettings,” said WTA chair Suzy Davies.

“At the moment it is not a level playing field. Our concern is that some unregulated providers can compromise standards and bring the wider short-term letting sector into disrepute. We need to weed out the bad buys and a registration scheme should enable the enforcement of providers who do not maintain standards.”

The sector believes “legitimate” accommodation providers – those who offer short-term lets on a regular basis – face higher levels of regulation, compliance, and costs than casual providers. There is a concern that some second homeowners offer occasional bookings as a way of avoiding tougher tax regimes.

Despite its support for a registration scheme, the WTA has three concerns. These are:

  • The scale and purpose of scheme fees. The WTA believes charges should not be too onerous and that proceeds should be ring-fenced for scheme administration and tourism spending.
  • Registration could evolve into licensing. Under new Scottish Government legislation, all “short-term let properties” will need a license by the summer of 2024. The sector there is in an uproar, believing it to be over-burdensome.
  • Registration could pre-empt taxation. For a Tourism Tax to work, a register of accommodation providers will be required. “If registration was accompanied by the introduction of a Tourist Tax, we would be far less enthusiastic about such a scheme,” said Suzie.

In Wales, the sector is unwilling to single out Airbnb for blame – or any other online sales platform, such as As these sites are often the most effective way to reach customers, traditional holiday let providers have become increasingly reliant on them.

Instead, the focus is on “unregulated” providers such as second homeowners, who may spend less on standards compliance and who typically contribute less to local economies. The Welsh Government has these providers in its sights already: it is planning higher occupancy thresholds – of at least 182 days per year – in a move designed to favor genuine tourism businesses.

Suzy Davies, chair of the Wales Tourism Alliance
Suzy Davies, chair of the Wales Tourism Alliance

Failure to meet this occupancy rate could leave holiday let owners with a second homes Council Tax premium of up to 300%. Yet the sector fears the pendulum has swung too far, and that many “professional” business owners will be swept up in a move aimed at “amateur” providers.

A WTA survey of more than 1,500 businesses found that 84% of self-catering operators believe they won’t be able to meet the new lettings thresholds and may have to close. If this happens, it will have profound implications for Cardiff’s proposed Tourism Tax, according to Suzie Davies, who is a former Welsh Conservative MS.

“If we are left with 16% of providers, it would seriously deplete Tourism Tax revenues,” she said. “Neither would there then be much point having a register of accommodation providers?”

Another question mark hanging over the concept is the existing Visit Wales grading scheme, and whether this should merge or align with a registration scheme. Last autumn the Welsh Government commissioned the research firm IRS to survey affected providers. The survey closed in early December and its results have yet to be published.

The administration said it is committed to establishing a statutory licensing scheme in Wales. A spokesperson said: “We have undertaken an initial piece of work to scope various options and have engaged with a number of key stakeholders as part of that process. An update will follow shortly outlining the next steps.”

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Sunday, 22 May 2022

Llandudno...Rhos-on-Sea man guilty of assault by beating ordered to pay more than £200

What a vile human being! But no jail sentence! What a shock!

A MAN from Rhos-on-Sea is to pay in excess of £200 after he was found guilty of assault by beating.

Antony Lea, 47, of Church Road, was accused of assaulting Cheryl Price by beating her in Rhos-on-Sea on January 25.

He was found guilty at Llandudno Magistrates’ Court on May 13.

Mr Lea was fined £40, and ordered to pay £85 in costs to the Crown Prosecution Service and a £95 victim surcharge, to be paid as a full lump sum within 28 days.

This amounted to a total payment of £220.

An application was also made for deductions from his benefits.

He is also to undertake a maximum of 20 days’ of rehabilitation activity before May 12, 2023

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Colwyn Bay ...Sad News and Five More Years Of Hell As McCoubrey is re-elected back in!

A lot of the community are deeply saddened by McCoubrey being elected back in! Apart from the Abergele click that he has in and (rumored Masonic group) he appears to care very little about things such as heritage or history, but anything that involved flattening everything and slapping up houses and flats he is all for.

It has been questioned why he still (allegedly is a silent partner in his firm) retains 25% of shared with his name above the door of his former estate agents! And of course, if he did have shared that would be a conflict of interest to promote development and then to advertise them in the estate agents!

I wonder if the public has a right to see his tax returns! 

Also, people may lose their homes and business due to a planned roundabout in Abergele yet the above names has stayed silent, although there was one Cllr (we will not name him ) who went around telling people they were going to lose their homes long before the elections, and he was reported and silenced!

McCoubrey has also stayed silent on the bulling of the Grwych Castle Trust,

And failed to comment on another councilor currently under investigation by North Wales Police for threatening to kill The Cat at the Castle!

So I am sure from what is online that there is far more to write about on this man, but the community needs to ensure that after his reign of terror over the next five years, this needs to be the last time he ever gets in.

THE newly-elected Conwy County Council could face a challenging few months as nearly half of the council are newbies, says an experienced councilor. Twenty-six of Conwy’s 54 councilors are new to the role.

Re-elected leader Cllr Charlie McCoubrey announced his cabinet would be made up of six independent members, two Welsh Labour, and two Plaid Cymru – with Labour’s Cllr Emily Owen as deputy.

Conwy has said the council is providing an ‘intensive induction program’ for new members, including training.

But due to the massive overhaul, some councilors expect new members to face an initial learning curve, which could have an impact on the decision-making process.

Cllr Anne McCaffrey has served on the council for 10 years and commented: “There are a lot of newbies There is certainly going to be a period of transition where people don’t understand the role they’ve got and how they can exercise influence.

“People think they pledge to do x, y, and z, and then they realize they are just one of 54 councilors.”

But Cllr Goronwy Edwards is the cabinet member for the environment, roads, facilities, and infrastructure and believed the new blood could reinvigorate the council.

“There has been an awful lot of training,” he said.

“The council will have put out a massive amount of information for councilors every day since the election, training sessions once or twice a day, all about the roles of councilors.

“There is a lot of information. Some members have got community council background, which is helpful. I’m looking forward to it as it is a lot of new input and young members coming up.”

Cllr Edwards said delaying a return to the chamber could slow the learning process but said he was pleased councilors were finally returning for face-to-face meetings, rather than relying on remote Zoom calls.

“It’s going to change, and hopefully, we are going to go back to normality. If we don’t get back to meeting live, that will prolong the period of how things work,” he said.

“They’ll have to find out if they can work from home with good connectivity or if they have to come into the chamber. The option will be there.”

A spokeswoman for Conwy County Council commented: “The role and responsibilities of a councilor is demanding, and anyone who stands for election will be aware of the commitment involved in representing their communities.

“For this reason, we provide an extensive program of induction training and ongoing support.

“It is challenging, but it is also an opportunity, and we were aware that there would be a big turnover in Conwy because we knew in advance that 20 Councillors were retiring.”


Colwyn Bay ...A Bench With A Wonderful Story!

This such a lovely story, what a kind gesture, and well done to the Pier Trust for their continued fight to rebuild the Pier. It's nice to have some positive news for a change!

We would like to thank Rhisiart Owen and his lovely Wife for gifting us this original Colwyn Bay Pier Bench.

His father Rhys Owen who was the owner of the old indoor Market Hall on Princes' Drive bought a job lot of old decking in the late 1950s and the bench was thrown in.

However the young Rhisiart was on the Pier when a workman dropped his hammer in the sea, the next morning Rhisiart got up early and found the hammer under the Pier when the tide was out, and the worker had also gone to look for it, but it had been safely returned by Rhisiart!

The bench was placed inside the Market Hall outside the cafe on the right. I'm sure many of you have sat on it in the past.

It was salvaged after the fire and Rhisiart has had it in his garden in mid-Wales ever since.

It needs restoration and Rhisiart very kindly offered it to the Pier Trust with the above provenance.

So it's come back home and hopefully, one day will sit back in pride of place on the Pier.

He has also gifted us an Ariel photograph of Colwyn Bay showing the same benches and probability of location. We will share this at a later date.

Thank you Rhisiart for your very kind gesture and we promise to look after this marvelous piece of Colwyn Bay Pier heritage.

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Llandudno...Three delinquents arrested following arson after early morning Cricket Club blaze!

I hope these delinquents go away for a long time. This comment on the article on the Daily Post site says it all, SE

Everyone in Rhos on Sea knows exactly which group of kids is responsible. Police will continue to do nothing and they will continue running amok. Same kids who did coop, post office, paper shop, school hub, battered a pensioner etc.

The heartbreaking thing about this, and the arson at the schools is what it does to the community, people loved this Club, and these vile teenagers got a kick out of torching it, utter scum.

Three people have been arrested following a fire at Colwyn Bay Cricket Club in the early hours of Friday. It broke out on Penrhos Avenue, Rhos on Sea, where the club is based.

Four fire engines were called to battle the blaze. North Wales Police officers also attended and a force drone was seen above the area. Forensic officers were at the scene later this morning, as inquiries continue.

A police spokeswoman said: "At just after 00.15am this morning, North Wales Police received reports of a fire at Colwyn Bay Cricket Club. Officers attended the scene along with crew members from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service. Early investigations have led to the arrest of three people and a joint investigation with the fire service has commenced.

There were reports it was being treated as suspected arson, but a North Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said the cause could not be confirmed, until after further investigations today.

The fire service spokeswoman said: “We were called to a fire at the Colwyn Bay Cricket club on Penrhyn Avenue in Rhos on Sea at 00:17am on Friday morning.

A forensic officer at Colwyn Bay Cricket Club today
A forensic officer at Colwyn Bay Cricket Club today 

“We sent four appliances to the scene which resulted in two being from Colwyn Bay and two from Llandudno stations. The cause of the fire can not be confirmed until investigations take place later this morning.”

Today a building at the ground appeared badly damaged following the blaze. There were no further details about what the three have been arrested on suspicion of, or the cause of the fire, as of 11.35am.

Anybody with information on the fire is asked to contact North Wales Police on 101, or via the force's LiveChat facility.

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Thursday, 19 May 2022

Llanrwst, North Wales Shocking Animal Cruelty Shocks Town!

I wish I had caught whoever did this, sub-human, lowlife scum, I hope they are found. Sick bastards, sorry for the language!


Residents have been left shocked and appalled by an apparent act of animal “torture” in their midst. A young bird, possibly a crow, has been disemboweled and burnt to death in Llanrwst, Conwy.

Fresh entrails were piled neatly on a riverside bench alongside scorched grass and part-burnt feathers. A £200 reward is being offered for information leading to the prosecution of the “evil” culprit.

One resident who has taken it upon himself to investigate the incident believes it may be linked to a TikTok trend involving animal cruelty. Most are “pranks” that leave animals distressed but some involve extreme violence and even killings.

Bryn Jones has no evidence to back up his theory but he is determined to find those responsible for what he believes was a clear case of torture. Urging residents to report their suspicions to the police, he said: “Silence is not an option. This may be your cat next and these people need help.”

Mr. Jones examined photos of the dead bird before they were deleted from Facebook. He said they “tick all the boxes of scenes I have witnessed of proven incidents of animal torture by youths probably live streaming what they are doing”.

Other feathers were also scattered around near scorched grass.
Other feathers were also scattered around near scorched grass

The incident is reported to have happened on Saturday evening on a slate bench by the River Conwy. According to Mr. Jones, multiple pin feathers were scattered nearby, suggesting it was a newly fledged bird.

When he posted an appeal for information on Facebook, it sparked outrage from Llanrwst’s residents. One woman said it made her feel “sick to my stomach”. She added: “The people that did this must be brought to justice. There will be DNA on the matches. CCTV in the area. This evil must be stopped.”

Another person said: “My god this is awful, how can anybody be so cruel? If they can do that to an innocent little bird, what else are they capable of? Dread to think.”

At this stage, it's not known whether the bird was already dead before it was set alight, or whether carrion animals had inflicted its injuries post-mortem. It is understood the bird’s remains have since been binned.

But Mr. Jones has few doubts it was a deliberate act of mutilation. “People won’t confront horror on their doorstep,” he told North Wales Live. “There is also a fear of reprisals.”

Fresh entrails were stacked neatly in two piles on the blood-stained slate bench
Fresh entrails were stacked neatly in two piles on the blood-stained slate bench 

Parents are being asked to talk to their children, and headteachers to pupils, to establish what exactly happened. The incident has yet to be reported to RSPCA Cymru but the animal charity said the allegations were a concern.

A spokesperson said: “These are worrying allegations and we’d urge anyone with information to contact our emergency line on 0300 1234 999. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, wild birds are legally protected from being intentionally taken, injured or killed. In some circumstances, wild birds may also be protected under the Animal Welfare Act.”

Other residents are concerned about the general level of littering and vandalism in the town. At the weekend Lisa Packham took photos of damage inflicted to a picnic table in a park where she regularly exercises her dogs.

“I take a soft drink and a sandwich to eat on the bench but I couldn’t that day, due to the burns and rubbish,” she said. “I was devastated to see what had been done to the picnic table and see so much litter thrown around. It’s disgraceful!”


Llandudno...Police release CCTV images after woman spat and threatened on Llandudno train

Sadly there appears to be a lot of scum like this traveling on trains, We are always seeing police waiting at stations to arrest people as they get off the trains!

British Transport Police are appealing for help after a woman was spat at and threatened on a train in North Wales. Officers want to speak to the man pictured, who may have information and who was traveling towards Llandudno Junction on March 27 at around 6pm.

The victim was traveling with a friend when three men sat behind them. One of the men spat at her, which landed on the back of her head and the seat.

After moving from her seat and telling the conductor, the man is said to have followed her and proceeded to threaten her. Officers believe the man in the CCTV images may have information that could assist their investigation.

A British Transport Police spokesperson said violence against women and girls will not be tolerated on the railway network. BTP urged the man pictured, or anyone who recognizes him, to get in touch.

British Transport Police
CCTV image of a man who may have information to assist BTP's investigation 

Anyone with information is asked to contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 446-270322. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Conwy, North Wales ....Fears As Former Conwy Council leader tipped to be voted back in as new councillors select cabinet!


I love the comments below the article that really say it all about Mccoubrey and others, shame how Mccoubrey has no interest in saving a 17th Century Coaching Hotel in Abergele and also seems to say nothing regarding the bullying of the Gwrych Castle Trust! , and the loss of homes with the new roundabout, all of which Mcoubrey has been very silent on!

So another five years of corruption and Masonic clicks will see further destruction of our towns and communities, sad, very sad indeed.

(I love this comment from a reader...

DDJones Charlie McCoubrey is so corrupt, this is the worst thing they can do to elect him!)

And the first thing they need to do is a vote to reject their 16.5 % pay increase, or if “out of their hands” each donates the annual increase to local food banks across the county! Interestingly, not one council candidate knocked on my door seeking my vote??

They don’t need the same olds in charge either! I think they’ve already made a pretty penny or two, and for what?? How far removed is Mr. McCoubrey from the plights and struggles of the low-paid, deciding whether to heat or eat? He has no experience of this, and never will have!! Nor will the majority of the rest of them!

The low paid are too busy working three jobs, to even contemplate taking time out to run for election, never mind the costs involved! It’s still only available for the select few, who have no life experience in the daily struggles the majority of locals face!

Come winter, when the seasonal jobs are finished, the costs of heating and food have shot up, will they be making all the same sympathetic noises, sitting in their cozy meetings, all heating and refreshments courtesy of the local ratepayers!

Conwy’s largest intake of new councilors will vote in a new cabinet and leader this week. The new council will convene for the first time on Thursday for the annual general meeting.

Twenty-six of the 54 councilors are new members and will attend the hybrid meeting, which takes place at Conwy County Council’s Boblondeb HQ. Either Cllr Abdul Khan or Conwy’s chief executive are expected to chair the meeting before a new chair and vice-chair are elected.

Political parties and groups within the council will then put forward candidates to be considered as leaders, and members will vote on who they want at the helm. Once the leader is elected, he or she will then appoint their cabinet.

Penmaenmawr councilor Anne McCaffrey said she expects former leader Cllr Charlie McCoubrey to return. “I don’t think there is any doubt that Charlie McCoubrey will be the leader. I think it is a forgone conclusion,” she said.

“I think he has been all over it. There is quite a large number of independents. The two independent groups are merging, so whilst there has been a reduction in the number of independents from 26 to 22, the groups are actually coming together.”

Cllr McCaffrey also said she was happy that the council had fresh blood. “I think this is the biggest intake of new councilors, with the highest number of female councilors in the history of Conwy,” she said.

“45% of councilors will be new, and 38% of councilors will be female! This is good news for democracy, which will now be more representative of our local communities where there are more women than men.

"New councilors bring more diverse perspectives and experiences. With a better balance of experience and fresh ideas, things can only get better. Change is good!”

Cllr McCaffrey also said she was happy the number of female councilors had risen from 16 to 22. “There were only 16 female councilors over the last five years, so this is a step in the right direction,” she said.

“For too long at Conwy, the number of male councilors has been out of synch with the gender split within our local communities. I’ve worked closely with Welsh Government over the last 10 years to improve diversity across all under-represented groups. So this feels like significant progress with 38% of councilors in Conwy now female. But, there’s still more to do!”


  1. Self serving cronies all of them

    • And the first thing they need to do is a vote to reject their 16.5 % pay increase, or if “out of their hands” each donates the annual increase to local food banks across the county! Interestingly, not one council candidate knocked on my door seeking my vote??

      They don’t need the same olds in charge either! I think they’ve already made a pretty penny or two, and for what?? How far removed is Mr. McCoubrey from the plights and struggles of the low-paid, deciding whether to heat or eat? He has no experience of this, and never will have!! Nor will the majority of the rest of them!

      The low paid are too busy working three jobs, to even contemplate taking time out to run for election, never mind the costs involved! It’s still only available for the select few, who have no life experience in the daily struggles the majority of locals face!

      Come winter, when the seasonal jobs are finished, the costs of heating and food have shot up, will they be making all the same sympathetic noises, sitting in their cozy meetings, all heating and refreshments courtesy of the local ratepayers!

      • Charlie McCoubrey is so corrupt, this is the worst thing they can do to elect him!

      • #Abergele #NorthWales #twitter #Facebook #Corruption