Llandudno.... A look at all of the Historically Famous People buried at St Tudno's Churchyard

A lovely little church, which is very plain and simple for such an Elaborate Church building era.

This is a lovely place to visit and walk around, it is so peaceful with the wind blowing through the headstones.

Western sector
1, Aldwyth Katrin Williams (d.1918) – nursed wounded soldiers, died of flu shortly before Armistice
2, Dean Patrick Mulligan (d.1906) – priest who oversaw major growth in Roman Catholic worship
3, Stephen Dunphy (d.1906) – the former sailor who ran bakeries and grocery shops
4, Thomas Evans (d.1897) – one of four mariner brothers in a house nicknamed “Sailors’ Home”
5, William “Zulu” Smith (d.1895) – mountaineer and founder of Llandudno newspaper
6, Sir John Bayley (d.1952) – founded Wrekin College at the age of 27
7, Alice Tarrey (d.1831) – died in a shipwreck after a drunken captain refused her husband’s safety plea
8, Edward Harris (d.1932) – killed in Great Orme tram crash while trying to save child passenger
9, Harry Lawrence Oakley (d.1960) – silhouette artist and Army captain in the First World War

Eastern sector
20, James Lee (d.1871) – lighthouse boy who fell while climbing to seabirds’ nest
21, Leonard Bright (d.1864) – MP’s son who innocently chose his burial place shortly before his fatal illness
22, Job Jones (d.1896) – first keeper of Great Orme lighthouse
23, Thomas Kendrick (d.1897) – his prehistoric finds included a horse jaw decorated 13,000 years ago
24, Thomas Tudno Jones (d.1895) – the poet who won the National Eisteddfod chair four times
25, Langton Prendergast Walsh (d.1927) – a linguist and first Administrator of British Somaliland
26, Mary Edith Nepean (d.1960) – artist, novelist, and wartime nurse
27, Walter Beaumont (d.1924) – a swimmer who performed amazing underwater stunts
28, Guy Everingham (d.1917) – shot down by the Red Baron soon after his wedding in Llandudno
29, Sir William Lloyd (d.1857) – One of the first Europeans to scale a Himalayan peak

map of church yard


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