Colwyn Bay ...Appeal To Stop Rydal Housing and Flat Development In Conservation Area!

To be honest, my concerns are Destroying the Interior of the Grade II listed hall, and the demolition of the Cottage, and The Destruction of the gardens.

This is meant to be a conservation area but our beloved council keeps allowing it to be destroyed.

Also, why are not all of these houses and blocks of flats being built in the area for local people? 

This will get passed as the council have no interest in the community at all, and they love property developers above everything, and with McCoubrey now at the helm, there will be some very sad time ahead.

Please can anyone, who is not liking the new development for Rydal prep school fields please put your objections in this week, has to be in 26/6/22
This is going to affect most of Colwyn Bay, with the infrastructure of eg, doctors, schools, Dentist, jobs, traffic, flooding, and Japanese knotweed ( confirmed on-site, see new rules governing this 2022)

Colwyn bay can not afford this sort of build and please don’t be fooled by affordable houses, they are still going to be expensive, and the housing association we have been told wants to bring welsh speaking families in, so looks like they are already taken if it gets built, Allegedly,

Mary Bamber is already bringing in over 100 houses on an already brown site,
Only one road apart they want to put another over 100 homes too,

The land is not having any new drainage done, they using soak aways that already cause flooding, no new mains sewage, using old pipes, most of the homes down from the heights are experiencing flooding/ water damage in cellars, and water logged gardens,

They have also applied for a grade two listed building to be destroyed which has great historical value to the area, Which is unheard of, we can’t even touch a tree in our gardens meters away. Totally unfair, one rule for the builders one rule for us the public

Why should we the public, have to pay for the greed of big builders, who probably won’t even use local trade, in the long run, by the overpopulation and strain of the infrastructure that is present at this time,

The builders have not informed homes most affected by this build never mind the general public, there is a very very dangerous road coming out on a blind corner onto kings road, and there is a possibility of an extra 400 cars plus on these two sites, with most homes owning two cars, then there is delivery lorry’s, vans, etc, these are near two very well used schools, the roads will be so dangerous, the council may be induced, yellow lines outside your homes, speed bumps, and one way systems, which will cost the taxpayers more money, for the greed of builders who are so wealthily, already

the greed of the council for rates money, under the smoke and mirrors of affordable housing, most of these properties are going to be around 350,000 to maybe a million, allegedly,?

The government still won’t build council houses for those who will never get a chance to get on the housing ladder, they are getting all the money from Uk on grants, and all the extra money for rates, they will just keep building until there is no green space left. This is your children we all have to think about. The problem of housing is not going to be fixed this way, we are all being made a fool of.

If you are fed up with the way the planning is not looking after us, as welsh tax and ratepayers, act now, this could happen on your doorstep too. Very soon.
We have to stand up for what we believe is the right thing to do.

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