Colwyn Bay ...Boy, 7, stabbed himself with addict’s used syringe while ‘playing doctors’

Above the troubled Llys Trefor social housing flats, and 51 more flats are soon to be built next door!

I missed this article the first time around.

A schoolboy is being treated for Hepatitis B after he accidentally punctured his hand with a drug addict’s used needle.

The seven-year-old boy told his mother he was out playing ‘doctors’ with his friend when he found the syringe on the grounds of a block of flats in Colwyn Bay, Wales.

The accident happened on Friday but he didn’t tell his mother about it until Sunday night, as he was worried he’d get into trouble.

The devastated mum, who asked not to be named, took her son to A&E in Glan Clwyd Hospital, Bodelwyddan.

She was told he would need 12 months of treatment for Hepatitis B as a precautionary measure.

The 29-year-old said: ‘He has to have a load of injections. I was feeling overwhelmed when the microbiologist told me all this at the hospital.’

A&E in Glan Clwyd Hospital, Bodelwyddan (Picture: Google)
The devastated mum, 29, who asked not to be named, took her son to A&E in Glan Clwyd Hospital (Picture: Google)

She will not know for four months whether her son will develop the disease, which can develop problems such as scarring of the liver (cirrhosis).

The virus is found in the blood and bodily fluids of an infected person.

The mum, who has lived in the Sea View flats for the last four years, says she has complained to North Wales Housing on ‘numerous occasions’ telling them there are problems with drug addicts living at the property.

She has asked in the past to be moved to other accommodation, as she does not feel safe living at the address.

She said: ‘When he told me and I saw the red mark on his hand where the needle had punctured his skin I didn’t know what to do, I felt like screaming I was so upset.

‘My son is traumatized, he doesn’t like showing me his hand.. I just want to move away from here.

‘It’s just not a nice environment for my son, it’s also obviously not a safe one.’

A spokeswoman for North Wales Housing said: ‘The safety of our tenants and their families is of the utmost importance to us, and we take matters like this very seriously.

‘We have had to contact with the boy’s family since the incident and we will continue to liaise with them.

‘Regarding her request to move this is a matter for us to discuss directly with our tenant.’

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