Friday, 3 June 2022

Colwyn Bay... The Last Days Of Rydal Penrhos Preparatory School

Very sad to see the soon-to-be-demolished gardens and children's allotments, as the school will soon be closed for good.

The couple who took the pictures believed that due to the articles in the paper that the school had already closed, and went to document the site before it is destroyed. (and had no idea it was still being used, and they would never have gone there had they realized)

In the new plans, most of the gardens, extensions, etc will be destroyed and shrubs and trees all cut down unless protected, so it will be very different.

I hope the developer's Castle Green does not destroy the inside and all of the ceilings, staircases, and stained glass.

And sadly this is yet more destruction of the conservation area on the way! 

How much more will the council allow? 

And can it still be called a conservation area after all the flats and houses that have or are being built? 

I think not!


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