Llandudno...Convicted sex offender who breached prevention order handed 20-year restraining order!

I am all for rehabilitation, but when someone lies about their sexual history that rings alarm bells.

No person with a criminal record like this should be allowed to claim benefits or work without showing full ID.

The second thing is if they do not abide by the rules then in theory they do not take responsibility for their crime which makes them even more dangerous.

He should have gone back to jail and for longer. Any thoughts?

A CONVICTED sex offender who joined a gym had failed to tell police the name he was using and breached a sexual harm prevention order after volunteering to be a girl’s training partner, a court heard today (June 9).

David Crabb, 35, also known as David Stone, had been in prison in South Wales but moved to a probation hostel at Bangor and ended up living at Llandudno, his barrister said.

Elen Owen, defending at Caernarfon Crown Court, said he worked for a veterans’ charity and was now in veterans’ accommodation in Gloucester.

She said he hadn’t tried deliberately to hide his identity – a childhood name - and he meant no harm to the girl.

Prosecutor Laura Knightly said he used the surname “Stone” when he joined the gym. He was banned from there following a comment to the girl. Police were contacted.

Crabb admitted failing to comply with notification requirements and breaching a sexual harm prevention order. The judge said he tried to “groom” the youngster.

Judge Timothy Petts told him: “For a man of only 35, your body isn’t in good shape and you are awaiting heart surgery.”

He imposed a 10-month suspended jail term with a three-month overnight curfew and rehabilitation.

He mustn’t attend any sports club or gym which has child members for two years.

A 20-year restraining order was made to protect the girl.

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