Colwyn Bay....Frail Pensioner Forced To Haul Herself Up 8 Flights Of Stairs Due To Broken Lifts!


Currently above and below previously! 

This is just awful, in this heat and for someone who has a disability! Shocking, totally shocking.. but there is worse to come!

see the residents page at

This below is from one of the residents...

Email sent to HURST MANAGEMENT AND DAFYDD HARDY as follows:-
I went down to the Laundry Room around 10am ... came to use the lift at around 12 noon and found BOTH LIFTS AGAIN WITH THE YELLOW BARRIERS IN FRONT OF THEM.
I had to haul myself up 8 flights of stairs holding on to the handrail as best I could with the right arm that I've just had surgery on whilst dragging a shopping trolley of washing behind me!

I'm 69 years of age, physically frail and vulnerable and I should NOT have to be climbing 8 flights of stairs to get to my flat.
What do you call YOUR treatment of me and other tenants by allowing this ridiculous situation to continue? The lifts OBVIOUSLY are not FIXABLE for longer than half an hour or so ... so
WHY are you not considering REPLACING THEM WITH NEW LIFTS rather than putting tenants to this kind of abuse and inconvenience?


  1. How long is this going on for?It has been months now,those involved should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Thank you for your comment, yes it has been months, both lifts need new parts and as the lifts are so old and were second hand when they were put in, they cannot get new parts unless they are salvaged from old lifts, apparently!


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