Colwyn Bay...Police Place Three Year Protection Order to 'tackle anti-social behaviour'!

And not before time! Llandudno could also do with a similar one. If these teens had brains which clearly they do not, they do not, they would just drink quietly, with friends and not fight or do criminal damage.

They also will continue to do it, as some of them love the attention of the police, it's a real big thing to them, and they will video it with their phones!

What have we done to deserve the new generation?

NORTH Wales Police, in partnership with Conwy County Borough Council, has placed a Public Space Protection Order in the town center of Colwyn Bay.

The order has been implemented to curb street drinking and anti-social behavior on the town center streets.

The order stipulates that anyone in the restricted area which refuses to stop drinking alcohol or hand over a container with alcohol when asked to do so by an officer will be committing a criminal offense.

Those aged 17 and younger, who are not under the effective control of an adult or someone aged 18 or over, are prohibited from gathering in groups of three or more in the restricted area.

North Wales Pioneer: Photo: NWP West Conwy CoastalPhoto: NWP West Conwy Coastal

This prohibition will only apply if the group is deemed to be causing or likely to cause harm, harassment, annoyance, or distress.

Those engaged in anti-social behavior are hereby prohibited from remaining in the area when told to leave by a police officer or community support officer and are banned from returning to said area within 48 hours.

A breach of any of the above will be deemed a criminal offense, resulting in a fine of up to £100 and potential court prosecution.

A North Wales Police West Conwy Coastal spokesperson said: “This has been implemented to tackle street drinking and Anti-Social Behaviour at the location.

“If you attend this area please familiarise yourself with the new rules and don’t get caught out.

“This will be in place for the next three years.”