Colwyn Bay...Wanted Professionals Sought For New Anti Corruption Group In Conwy County!

This has been on the cards for a long time, but great news that it is finally starting up, there are a number of groups that need exposing and have gotten away with their corruption for far too long.

Apparently, after they responded to my email, they will take referrals and evidence sent to them. A website, Facebook, and Twitter page will follow.

This is really exciting!

Wanted....Volunteer professionals, Solicitors, and People with Legal Knowledge, to join an Anti-Corruption Movement, to investigate and Monitor, Conwy Council Staff, Councillors, Housing Associations, Property Developers, and Estate Agents.

It has gone on far too long and now we need to do something about it.
All emails will be kept strictly confidential, and all applicants will be researched to ensure they are not linked to the above.
If you are sick of the corruption, Please get in touch, and together we can expose what is happening. 
Please email
Thank You


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