Conwy, North Wales...Was Unexplained Fire At Marina Arson?

There seems to have been a few Boat fires of late but this appears to have been one of the worse.

Those sleeping onboard their crafts were very lucky that non of the burning boats exploded.

If you saw or know anything about the fire please get in touch with North Wales Police on 101.

Witnesses have told of the dramatic moment that they were woken as a fire ripped through Conwy Marina. The blaze broke out at about 2am, which alarmed both residents living alongside the pontoons and boatowners asleep on their vessels.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and it appeared this morning that two boats had been destroyed by flames with minor damage elsewhere. Diesel leaked into the water and measures were put in place to soak it up. It is not believed anyone was hurt.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said it was alerted at 1.49am today (Sunday) to the fire. Two crews from Llandudno were sent along with a boat crew from Bangor. They left about an hour and a half later at 3.30am.

A resident called Diana, who lives in a house at the marina, said: "I heard shouting which woke me up and a horn which may have been sounded as an alarm. Then I saw the reflection of flames on my blinds.

"I looked out and there was a commotion."

From Conwy Marina's main security-locked entrance, the fire was at the extreme far left on boats berthed at the pontoons. Diana added: "I think some of the firefighters had to go along the 'gangplanks'."

The fire at Conwy Marina
The fire at Conwy Marina 

As daylight broke, boatowners milled around or walked their dogs while surveying the damage.

One boat owner, who didn't wish to be named, said: "We were asleep on our boat when we got woken up at about 2am. Someone was shouting "Fire in the marina!" It was quite an unnerving way to wake up. Then the firefighters arrived."

A dogwalker wondered why the boats were all berthed so close together. He said: "There were two black boats and another one was scorched. They've been cleaning up the diesel this morning."

He added: "We had a caravan and the park insisted that there was a gap between the caravans. Here they're cheek by jowl. I suppose they have to attract as many as possible. The cost of putting a marina together must be astronomical."

This morning North Wales Fire and Rescue Service had no new information about the cause of the blaze.

Welsh Ambulance Service was alerted at about 2am but in the end, did not need to attend. No one at Conwy Marina was available to talk about the fire today.