Llandudno... Crime Statistics Show Llandudno Second To Rhyl In Crime!

The above man made the following statement which I think was wrong and discriminatory, in the Daily Post,

A seaside town's popularity as a "thriving" resort will be put under threat if its stock of holiday property is converted into bedsits. That was the warning issued by a tourism chief at a Council Council planning committee meeting this week.

Llandudno Hospitality Association chairman Berin Jones fears the holiday hotspot will "decline" like Colwyn Bay and Rhyl if too much tourist accommodation is converted into HMO (house-of-multiple occupation).

and this .....

“We recognize the housing crisis has been caused by the changes in landlord/tenant legislation, and that has led to the authority losing the accommodation to house people, but as an authority, you have specific policies in place to protect the fragile economy of the county that is worth £900 million and 11,000 jobs.”

He added: “Remember Rhyl and Colwyn Bay. Once holiday property was changed to multiple occupancies for local authority tenants, the whole resort declined, as did the local economy.”

I think the A55 going through Colwyn Bay had a lot to do with it,

Also, the council stopped caring about Colwyn Bay in the 1970s.

In Rhyl the same thing happened, the council started tearing everything down.

Here are the crime stats from Crime Rate UK In order of highest Crime.

1, Rhyl             Historical Crime Rates for Rhyl

YearCrime Rate per 1,000 peopleTotal Crimes

2, Llandudno, From https://crimerate.co.uk/clwyd/llandudno#:~:text=The%20overall%20crime%20rate%20in,of%2085%20per%201%2C000%20residents.

Historical Crime Rates for Llandudno

YearCrime Rate per 1,000 peopleTotal Crimes

3, Colwyn Bay

Historical Crime Rates for Colwyn Bay

YearCrime Rate per 1,000 peopleTotal Crimes

The highest crimes for Llandudno are violence and sexual offenses. If what this man is saying is true, that Bedsits will bring the town down, how can he account for these stats? Or is he saying that all of the people who commit crimes in Llandudno are living in Bedsits?
Also, the Hotel trade is dying in the town and people need to find a new use for the hotels, or they will just be demolished for social housing.
The Travelodge in the town is currently for sale at least three other hotels have closed and many have been demolished
 for OAP flats.
So Colwyn Bay now has less crime than Llandudno.
Should this man not check before he attacks other towns? 

And hotels that have been demolished in Llandudno
Sadly all of these lovely hotels were demolished for OAP flats, and when the community and historians argued about the loss of beds for tourism, they were told that there were too many hotel beds and it would be no loss to tourism.
So if you knock something down for a block of OAP flats that is okay, but not to convert for poor people!