Llandudno... Man subjected girlfriend to 'violent & prolonged' attack at Broadway Hotel jailed!

And Hoteliers were saying that Bedsits would cause problems in the town! Glad he was jailed, but it should have been for longer.

A woman was left with no choice but to escape through her bedroom window after her boyfriend attacked her on New Year's Day. Jack Brown, of Broadway Hotel in Llandudno, was handed a 16-month prison sentence for subjecting her to a "violent and prolonged ordeal" during the early hours of January 1, 2022.

Brown, a father-of-one, appeared at Mold Crown Court on October 27, charged with assaulting Christie Hill Sparks and thereby occasioning her actual bodily harm. The court heard that the 30-year-old and his then-girlfriend had been socializing at her house on New Year's Eve when he began accusing her of cheating on him with her neighbor, who had also been there that evening.

Miss Sparks said that Brown punched her in the face four times before straddling her and putting his hands around her neck to the point where she was unable to speak. He also poured vodka over her face and smothered her with a pillow.

After the attack, he is said to have immediately apologized and told Miss Sparks he loved her, before hitting her in the face again. Brown had locked all the doors at the property and had taken Miss Sparks' phone, leaving her with no choice but to escape through her bedroom window and run to her grandmother's house a short distance away.

Brown was arrested on January 17. He initially denied the accusations.

The court also heard that Brown has a history of breaching suspended sentences and also had domestic violence issues in his previous relationship. Judge Niclas Parry described the incident as an act of "extreme violence" which was too serious for him to be given a suspended custodial sentence.

Judge Parry said: "You subjected your partner to what was a violent and prolonged ordeal. I accept that you were both drunk."

He said he was in "no doubt" that the couple were "abusive and argumentative" to each other, adding he was satisfied saying that after viewing police body cam evidence. He added: "The complainant was extremely intoxicated, certainly some hours after the incident.

"Your reaction to whatever went on can only be described as extreme violence. You punched her repeatedly in the face before straddling her where you put your hands around her throat, squeezing her throat despite her begging you to stop before you grabbed a pillow and put it over her face.

"Even after that, you punched her again more than once in the face. You carried out acts that would humiliate and demean her.

"Such was her terror because you had locked the doors and you had taken the phone so the matter could not be reported she had to clamber out of a window. She was left with injuries that were indicative that what happened did happen.

"You have been committing acts of violence for over two decades. You have two serious offenses - a racially aggravated offense, there's an offense on another partner with a domestic violence context and you've breached suspended sentences."

Judge Parry also added that Brown had previously served two custodial sentences for wounding and assault, an offense he committed around six months after a suspended sentence. Brown was jailed for 16 months and handed a five-year restraining order forbidding him from contacting Miss Sparks.