North Wales...Shell Island camper filmed lashing out and swearing at police as they wrestle him to the ground!

We went there once a few years ago and thought it was awful and left, it was filthy and the place was strewn with litter, clearly, it is attracting some interesting patrons from Wrexham!

We found some interesting reviews!

Shell Island Campsite - best avoided

Review of Shell Island 1 star review Tripadvisor

Reviewed August 13, 2013

I had heard about shell island from friends for a while so was excited to be going. Unfortunately, it was packed and our (small) tent ended up wedged between two larger ones (good as a windbreak) but not exactly what I was expecting. When it's busy, the 20m rule appears to be converted into a 20cm rule.

The facilities were worse than I would expect for a site 10% of its size - 8 washing up sinks for the whole site and the toilets were badly maintained portacabins which always had queues (even through the night) because there were so few of them for the size of the site. The toilets were also regularly blocked and infrequently cleaned. The site was strewn with rubbish (probably as a result of bins without tops and the wind).

This one is great! From Tripadvisor 1 Star

If you like camping in the middle of a council estate Shell island is for you..

Lots of loud tattooed alcohol-ridden parents effing and blinding at their feral kids, and lots of dogs barking, and pooing everywhere, even in the dog-free areas.., I think you must have at least 1 dog to camp here..
Crushed beer cans and litter-strewn areas are abundant.., try and find a hedge without a dog poo bag in it..
Queuing for dirty toilets and showers, (nowhere near enough toilets or showers), and then to find broken toilet seats..
Queuing is a pastime at shell island... you'll queue (with the effing and blinding parents, feral kids, and dogs) for most things..
If you like booming techno playing until 11pm and screaming teenagers until 2am you'll love camping here..
The cafe sells Blackpool cuisine at difficult-to-explain prices.., and you can enjoy your meal surrounded by broken ex-arcade gambling machines and faded pictures in dirty frames..
If you are a fully grown adult you must wear a football shirt and drive your car well above the speed limit on this site..
Be warned this isn't a pleasant place to holiday or relax with your family..
Beware of strange men in the sand dunes area..
There is one good thing to say about shell island...camping anywhere else in the future will be a pleasant experience ..

And the story...

Police bodycam footage captured the moment a man wrestled with police officers at a popular family camping spot. Andrew Wayne Jones of Bala Road, Wrexham can be heard verbally abusing officers and resisting arrest in a video that was played during a sentencing hearing at Caernarfon Crown Court this morning.

The 33-year-old was initially arrested on suspicion of assault at a Shell Island campsite in July this year, but no charges were brought against him. Despite not being charged with the assault, he was later charged with resisting arrest, after lashing out at officers who attempted to detain him.

In the video, Jones can be heard calling officers "12-year-olds" and "b******" as they wrestle him to the ground. A sentencing hearing held in Caernarfon on October 26 heard one officer sustained suspected broken ribs as a result of the altercation.

The video shows Jones emerging from a tent on the campsite at around 4.30am on July 18. Officers can be heard telling Jones that he is being arrested on suspicion of assault, at which point he walks away from officers and can be heard shouting "F*** off, f*** off, f*** you, f*** you, you ain't arresting me you little d*******."

At the time of his arrest, Jones was subject to a suspended sentence order which had been imposed in May last year, after he was involved in a brawl in a Llangollen pub in December 2018. Judge Her Honour Nicola Saffman told the defendant he had a "poor record" pointing out his 17 previous convictions for 27 offenses - including a history of resisting arrest.

After the video was played into court, the Judge told Jones: "I am sure you're thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed having seen what I've just seen.

"Instead of complying with the police who were doing their best to accommodate you, you were shouting, swearing "you're not f******* arresting me."

Screenshot from NWP bodyworn camera footage showing Andrew Wayne Jones, 33, being arrested
Andrew Jones speaking with a police officer before the arrest 

"You were calling the female officers "b******," calling the male officers "12-year-olds" and "children." You flailed your arms around, you were irate, and you're a man of some size and some strength and it took all of these officers to control you and get you to comply with them."

Judge Saffman told the court the sentencing guidelines "do not come close" to providing an appropriate punishment and decided to sentence Jones outside of these recommendations. He was sentenced to a high-level community order including 35 sessions of the Probation Service's Thinking Skills program and an alcohol abstinence tag for 120 days.

He was also ordered to pay £500 by way of compensation to the police officer injured during the arrest and £114 in court costs.



  1. A terrible place, filthy and overcrowded.


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