Abergele...Complaint Raised From Member Of The Public Regarding Conflict Of Interest Over Planning!

There are a number of very concerned people in Abergele and also other areas, regarding Councillors who have a conflict of interest. 

In fairness, I have heard some Councillors abstain due to this, but others have not.

Here a Councillor has a planning application in for his own benefit, and he has a number of friends that will be deciding the outcome of this!

Is this fair and moral? It is definitely a conflict of interest, but will a complaint make any difference?

Thank you to the Lady who sent this in to us and has given her permission to print, but not her name.

The Complain...

Dear Llanddulas Town Council, and Abergele Town Council

I would like to register a complaint regarding 

Ref 0/50124
Land next to Manor Farm Abergele LL22 8ET, and Cllr Andrew Wood.

I am unable due to fears or reprisals give my home address.

My complaint is as follows

Cllr Wood has just submitted the above application,

However Cllr Wood has a number of friends that are also Cllrs and will be deciding the outcome of the planning application.

Dave McQuillen

Pea Ramstall

Huw Roberts

Are close friends of Cllr Wood.

Mayor Alan Hunter is chairman of the planning and also a close friend of Cllr Wood

and former employee of over 20 years!

And also The leader of CCBC Cllr Charles McCoubrey is also a close friend of Cllr Wood and should play no role in this planning application.

These people should declare a conflict of interest and step aside from any voting.

If not this would highlight corruption within the planning system or town council.

And if serving councillors in the ward should influence planning decisions and hold bias towards a planning decision?

A number of people are watching this application very closely and feel that there are some major concerns regarding Cllr Woods's motives.

These are that the development is just a front to get the land turned into a brownfield site.

The Campervans and shower block are not needed and if the land is just for allotments then why cannot this be turned over to the council for them to run it?

Cllr Wood has given no costings and the running of the site will not be done fairly by the council but by a layperson, rather than an association or charity.

The people of Abergele are not as stupid as Cllr Wood thinks, and are aware of his motives.

Also, It is a historic site or heritage site and is an official location where pieces of political, military, cultural, or social history have been preserved due to their cultural heritage value.

Historic sites are usually protected by law, and many have been recognized with the official national historic site status.

Gwrych is in historic parkland everything behind the grade 2 listed boundary walls

Thank You.

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  1. Will they step down whilst taking this vote? I think not, they will ensure that they get their chums planning application through. Independant councillors should be monitored far closely then they are! And Abergele seems to have a large amount of corrupt one's!

  2. They are so corrupt, Abergele town council is known for it.


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