Llandudno...Lamb Killed By Dog Off Lead On Great Orme!

The government must take tougher action on dog owners as this keeps happening. The Poor sheep deserve better than this, and farmers should not have to tolerate this happening.

A shepherd has issued a desperate appeal for information after he found one of his lambs savaged to death on the Great Orme. National Trust tenant Dan Jones, who tends his flock on the limestone outcrop above Llandudno, shared a video on Twitter showing the damage a dog had caused to one of his sheep.

The grim footage shows the sheep lying on the ground covered in blood at the top of a cliff, with two bite marks on its face and more bite marks on its leg.

Dan appealed to anyone with information that could help track down the dog or its owner. He said: "It is not a very nice day as I have a dead sheep here with me. As you can see, on her cheek, there are two teeth marks where a dog has bitten her - killed her basically - along with marks on her back leg also.

"This was a lovely breeding new lamb and had only been out without her mother for a month.

"This is happening far too often, and it needs to stop. This is just such a waste."

Before ending the upsetting video, Dan adds: "If anybody saw anything, please just let me know."

*** Warning - the video below contains graphic footage showing the mutilated lamb which some viewers may find distressing ***

Earlier this year, a Llandudno goat was put down following an alleged dog attack. The goat, thought to be 10 years old, was euthanized to prevent any further suffering and stress during any potential treatment.

The Great Orme goat was left with open wounds to its nose and top of the mouth and was left with no teeth following the attack. Reports on social media claimed that a male was seen getting out of a vehicle at the top of Conway Road, Llandudno, shortly before two dogs chased and attacked the male goat.



  1. Shocking, dogs need to be banned off all farmland


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