Abergele... Petition Cllr Andrew Woods should resign!!

Video footage has come to light of Abergele councilor and member of Conwy First Independent 
Group allegedly using a mobile phone while driving and voting on a Zoom meeting, 
The past 12 months have seen a large number of deaths that have happened across north Wales due to reckless driving, or driving without care and attention 

Mr woods in his position should have known better and people are calling for him to resign.

See the Petition here..https://www.change.org/p/cllr-woods-should-resign?signed=true


  1. Another vile slime bag from Abergele, sack him!

  2. A nasty bully of a man who behaves like rules don’t apply to him

  3. He looks a nasty little man

  4. A sleaze bag bully of a man .after all these years of selling and riding motorcycles surely he should be setting an example and not endangering peoples lives .I wonder what the motorbike community think of him now .with his obviously terrible memory of the incident should he ever be allowed to drive or ride again .


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