Abergele...(FOI) Complaints made against Cllr Wood in his role as County & Town Councillor!

What really shocks me about this request is the fact that Woods has previously been investigated for horrific behavior and is not allowed to contact female staff, yet this was not made public knowledge?

The question is why is the council protecting him and other councilors alike?

Dear Conwy County Borough Council,
Councillor Andrew Wood is a town Councillor for Abergele Town And County Council.
He is currently under investigation by the Ombudsman Service and North Wales Police.
in 2019-2020 an investigation took place regarding Woods following complaints from m female staff of harassment, sexism, misogyny, and name-calling.
The complaints were investigated by HrR and Woods was found guilty and made to apologize, he was also not allowed to contact female staff directly.
Two female staff left the town council due to these actions by Woods.

1) how many complaints have been made against Cllr Wood in his role as a county and town councilor?
2) how many of these complaints progressed to disciplinary or mediation?
What was the gender ratio of the complainants?
3) if a complaint resulted in remedial action, why was this not made public?
4) what current measures are in place to protect council staff from bullying and harassment by Cllr Wood?

Yours faithfully,




  1. This sleaze bag should have lost his job over this, I bet he is only there because of his chum McCoubrey.
    When the news broke out about his driving incident he was filmed at McCoubreys house first thing Saturday morning!

  2. He looks like a Pedo!

  3. It would not shock me at all.

  4. Imagine that climbing on you for love! You would scream for your life

  5. This man is so creepy!


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