Conwy, North Wales...Dispersal order slapped Inside Historic Conwy Castle Walls to tackle anti-social youths

Its quite funny really, the residents of Conwy think they are something special but it seems they have the same anti-social problems that most towns do!

A dispersal order has been slapped on historic Conwy in an attempt to curb anti-social behaviour. Lasting 48 hours, North Wales Police (NWP) have promised to flood the town with a “high visibility presence”.

This follows an earlier order on the town of Denbigh as police deal with similar anti-social issues.

In the walled town of Conwy, a dispersal order takes effect from 5pm today (Friday, February 24). It runs to 5pm on Sunday, February 26.

The NWP West Conwy Coastal team said it was imposed due a due to a rise in anti-social behaviour in the area over recent weeks. The order will apply to anyone over the age of 10 misbehaving in the designated area.

A 48-hour order is already in place in Denbigh and will run until 7.15pm Saturday evening (February 25). A dispersal order means that the police can ask a group of two or more people to leave the area if they are up to no good, or if officers believe they may cause a nuisance.

In a social media warning, the NWP Conwy & Denbigh Rural team said: “This is due to repeated and ongoing issues of disorder, assault, and anti-social behaviour by local youths, who have been congregating in large groups. We will not tolerate any further anti-social behaviour which impacts upon the wider community.”

Under a dispersal order, people can be asked to leave the area and not return within 24 hours. If they do return, they will be arrested and may be taken to court. Unaccompanied youngsters aged under 16 can be taken home by the police if they are found in the area after 9pm.

In a message to parents, the NWP Conwy & Denbigh Rural team said: “Ensure you know where your young people are and that they are aware of this order.” For residents, officers added: “As long as you don’t do anything wrong, or give the police a reason to suspect you are going to do anything wrong, the dispersal order will not affect you.”



  1. Oh the shame! Looks like Conwy is just like Llandudno, Colwyn Bay and Rhyl after all!


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