Llandudno...Delinquents Attempt to Force Their Way In To Queens Hotel!

The joys of Llandudno! People attempt tp paint this town as a wonderful place, the problem is that they are looking at the Fading Queen Of Welsh Resorts through rose-colored glass!

YOUNGSTERS were spotted in Llandudno last night (February 7) seemingly attempting to break into a closed hotel along the town’s promenade.

This was at the Queens Hotel, on Clonmel Street, which has been shut since May 2020.

Cllr Mostyn Jones, who represents the Crwst ward on Llanrwst Town Council, took the below video after noticing them at about 7pm last night.

He said the teenagers dispersed after they appeared to see him talking on the phone to the police.

Cllr Jones said: “I was walking along the promenade at about 7pm, and I could hear this banging. Then I looked over the promenade and saw it was coming from outside the Queens Hotel.

“At that time, there appeared to be two teenagers banging on the door. I think they were trying to force their way in, because, from the video, you can hear that they’re hitting it with force.

“I discretely called 101 and spoke in Welsh because I thought there was less chance of them understanding me.

“While I was on the phone, they moved over to the other side of the promenade and were congregating by the Mad Hatter statue. I could count about seven of them.”

The hotel is due to re-open after it was purchased by Everbright Hotels last year.

The 83-bedroom hotel had been welcoming guests for more than a century and has a large dining area with about 160 covers, and function facilities consisting of two large ballrooms.

Cllr Jones added: “The police advised me that they were going to inform the local officers and potentially look at CCTV. They seemed to realize I was on the phone and then ran away, down Clonmel Street.

“They didn’t succeed in breaking in, but I know in the neighboring hotel, there was at least one man looking out of his window trying to see what was going on, and someone came out of the front entrance.

“Clearly, the disturbance was considerable. It’s just extraordinary.”

Attempts have been made to contact North Wales Police for comment.



  1. God Llandudno is getting as rough as a bears arse?

  2. Llandudno is the new Wrexham or Rhyl, its official.


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