Colwyn Bay...Plucky Dog Walker Wards Off Hooded Man Following Woman!

(He was dressed similarly to the above picture, if you saw him please let the police know.)

This a very worrying post this morning on the Colwyn Bay notice Board, thank goodness this plucky lady and her dogs were there .


Reported to police - please share
Whilst out walking the dogs at nearly 6am today, I noticed a stocky hooded man all in black with a bag across his shoulder, acting suspiciously by the roundabout near Morrisons
Another female dog walker was walking in front of us. she walked past the man and he immediately turned round and followed her quickly and closely up greenfield road and along Abergele road.
I sped up and started shouting random things to let him know I was also behind them with my dogs, as I was very concerned for the lady’s welfare, as he was getting closer to her.
He then changed his mind when my dogs started barking and he turned down bay view road and just stood there with his back towards me.

I shouted at the lady to see if she was ok and walked with her for a bit.
Be alert, please!


  1. Creepy, well done to that lady, a similar man has been seen in Llandudno

  2. Is it Charly McCoubrey?


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