Conwy....MS Darren Millar proposes referendum on Conwy council tax hike.

Well done To Darren, shame on the council! I really like Darren, in fairness h always tries to help.

CLWYD West MS Darren Millar is calling for referendums on excessive council tax rises in Wales.

It follows a controversial 9.9 percent council tax hike in Conwy, where residents are facing the highest council tax increase in England and Wales.

Mr. Millar has written to the Minister for Finance and Local Government urging her to provide residents with a chance to have their say, as is the case in England.

He said: “This council tax increase at almost 10 percent is the largest in England and Wales and will put many residents under immense financial pressure.

“In England, such an increase would not have been allowed without a ‘yes’ vote in a referendum.

“Residents in Wales deserve the same privilege and I have therefore written to the Minister for Finance and Local Government calling for her to allow local people to have their say via referendums on excessive tax rises here.

“At a time where many people are facing the cost of living pressures, a hike of this magnitude should not be forced on residents in any part of Wales so I hope that the Minister acts on my plea.”



  1. If he wants to help he should persuade the Westminster Government to proper;y fund the devolved Welsh Government to ensure that Local Authorities can received sufficient funding to provide services without the need for Council Tax increase. It is a typical Tory tactic to undercut funding and moan when the Local Authority has to raise the money by other means. Don't get sucked into thinking he really cares, he doesn't.

    1. He does try, the last time he stood before parlement they just ignored him.

    2. There will be reason for that! Ever wonder what that might be?

    3. What are you thinking? I have my thoughts, but its always interesting to hear the views of others

  2. I like Darren Millar, he has fought hard for our town

  3. I once had Darren at the back of Asda in Llandudno.


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