Llandudno... Thug burgled ex's house and assaulted her son on day he got out of jail!

Yet another very colorful Llandudno resident!

A man burgled his ex-partner's house and assaulted her son on the day he was released from prison. Later that day Andrew O'Neil, 37, abused a hotel worker and kicked a police officer.

Caernarfon Crown Court heard the defendant had left HMP Berwyn in Wrexham and started drinking before committing the string of offenses in Rhos-on-SeaRhyl, and at a police station. A judge today jailed O'Neill to a total of two years and nine months imprisonment after he admitted five offenses.

Prosecutor Max Saffman told the court O'Neill had been serving a 12-week jail term for breaching a restraining order, preventing him from contacting his former partner, and was released from prison on January 16. But that day he went to her home in Rhos-on-Sea, her son answered the door and O'Neill put his hand over her son's face, preventing him from breathing.

He repeatedly told the son to "Sshhh" and forced his way inside as the woman was coming out of the bathroom, the court heard. He was looking for an iPhone and eventually took two mobile phones and the son's bank card from a table in the living room and left.

The prosecutor said the son rang the police. Officers arrived but couldn't find O'Neill. He had been given temporary accommodation in the Westminster Hotel in Rhyl on his release from prison.

Later that same day he went there but verbally abused hotel worker Sharon Watkins. The prosecutor said O'Neill criticized her weight, made a racial slur, and added: "No wonder your family hates you".

Ms. Watkins refused to admit him into the hotel and O'Neill started being aggressive and shouting. He said: "I'm going to get a knife" and "slash you."

Westminster Hotel in Rhyl. Photo: David Powell/North Wales Live
Westminster Hotel in Rhyl. Photo: David Powell/North Wales Live 

Ms. Watkins locked the door and rang the police. Police arrived and arrested O'Neill. But he told one officer "Touch me again and I'll twist you up." Once in a police vehicle he repeatedly kicked a perspex cell wall.

Then at the police station, he kicked an officer in the shin in the custody suite. In a statement, the Rhos-on-Sea victim said she had had a phone call to say her former partner was being released from prison and is living in fear all the time.

She has taken to drinking to cope with the fear. Reading her statement, Mr. Saffman said every day is a struggle for her, and "she feels like going to bed and not waking up so that she does not have to face the situation".

For her part, Ms. Watkins said in her statement that she had felt genuinely frightened when O'Neill confronted her.

"She deals with a lot of nasty people in her job and can usually hold her own but she felt personally attacked. She was frightened and shaking. At home, it took her a while to calm down."

Richard Edwards, defending, said: "Alcohol, unfortunately, was again a contributory factor for this offending." He said O'Neill had made a "stupid decision" to go to his former partner's home to get a mobile phone.

There is a "glimmer of hope" however in that, O'Neill has started an alcohol awareness course while in prison. Mr. Edwards told the court his client has had an "unsettled lifestyle". After being released from his next jail term the defendant, who is a roofer, plans to move to Bangor or Caernarfon where he hopes to get work.

O'Neill, of Bodhyfryd Road, Llandudno, admitted burglary and theft at his ex's home, assaulting her son, and harassment by breaching a restraining order. He also pleaded guilty to using threatening words or behavior against Ms. Watkins and assaulting an emergency worker - the police officer.

The judge His Honour Timothy Petts told O'Neill: "You seem to have no regard for rules that are put in place to protect other people." He had shown no remorse and no understanding of the impact of his crimes.

He jailed the defendant for two years and seven months for burglary - and 42 weeks for breaching the restraining order and four weeks for assaulting the son, both terms to run concurrently.

He also jailed O'Neill for one month each for assaulting an emergency worker and using threatening behavior against Ms. Watkins, with both terms running consecutively.

He will have to serve half the resulting two years and nine months sentence. An existing restraining order prohibiting O'Neill from contacting his ex-partner was extended indefinitely.



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