Llandudno...Children aged around 8 & 10 'threaten person with piece of glass' at Seaside Town!

A new low even for Llandudno! 

Where were the parents to allow children out this young? 

Totally shocking, and what will happen to them? Nothing at all.

Two children as young as eight reportedly threatened a member of the public with a piece of glass in Llandudno. On the same day, two masked youths ordered an elderly woman to get out of her car.

North Wales Police has issued an appeal following a number of incidents reported to police in the seaside town. The incidents happened on January 3, but the appeal has only now been released.

A North Wales Police appeal said: "A call was made to North Wales Police on 03/01/23 at approximately 3.25pm reporting that two young males aged about eight and ten had approached a member of the public and held up a piece of glass and threatened them and then ran away.

"A further report was made by an elderly female approximately two hours later reporting a similar incident where two youths aged 11/14 with hoods and black masks approached the vehicle and ordered the member of the public to get out of the car, to which they refused and the youths left. This occurred at approximately 6pm the same day outside the rear of the Wetherspoons in Llandudno.

"A further report was made where a similar incident occurred outside the Travelodge in Llandudno at approximately 2.30pm - 3pm on the same day. If anyone has any information then please call 101 quoting 23000012952."



  1. Delinquents appear to be ruling Llandudno, there are incidents daily!

  2. The delinquents of Llandudno are lawless!


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