Llandudno...Clean Up Team Called In To Collect Dumped Tyres On Orme!

A lot of work to collect the tyres, and one wonders why they just did not leave them as there will be more again next week. But well done to them anyway.

Big thanks to the amazing team of volunteers who cleared the tires from the Great Orme yesterday! #SpringCleanCymru Organized by @GOVerticalWales

The Kit was provided by Helix Operations. 📷 Tom Carrick, Jamie Williams, Dan Lane

From an article on Twitter



  1. What hasn't been dumped up on the Orme! It apparently is a great place for doggin, and fly-tipping too!

  2. I walk the dog a lot up there and the things I have seen dumped, Tyres, Building Material, Food, Wood, Garden Rubbish, Used Condoms, Drug Needles, Clothes, Beer Bottles, Electrical Items, the list is endless.
    I once saw a Camper Van throw some litter out of the window, and I knocked and asked them to pick it up, I got a barrage of abuse, and honestly thought that the Liverpudlian family were going to physically harm me. Its a real shame, but its glory years are long behind it.

    1. You are spot on about its glory years.

  3. Llandudno is a total dump these days

  4. There will be more back there the very next day!


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