Petition...Cap Council Tax rises in Wales

 Shocking, Conwy Council is a disgrace, McCoubrey needs sacking

PetitionCap Council Tax rises in Wales

Conwy County Council is increasing Council Tax for 2023/2024 by 9.9 percent. The highest Council rise in the country. 

I submit that it is high time Council Tax rises in Wales is capped to no more than 5 percent maximum or the rate of inflation, whichever is lower at the time. 

At a time when households are struggling to meet rising costs across the board a 9.9 percent rise in Council tax is outrageous. Outrageous at any time. Time to cap the tax!

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  1. McCoubrey needs to be sacked, he has done nothing for the community, with exception to his chums

  2. Why they cannot cut McCoubreys wages, or just sack him altogether

    1. He should be sacked, but he is being well paid to do nothing basically


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