16 Years Has Flown By!

(Update) Twitter is so boring, so we are going to start posting again, nothing beats a blog!

How time flies! We started our first Blog just over 16 years ago when we retired in Llandudno.

Boredom and Political frustration led us to start a Blog and how we have loved it. 

We have seen friends helping out coming and going, and sadly one passing,

We have met some lovely people, helped with some issues, and caused some friction from time to time!

But you live and learn!

But times change and updating blogs and Twitter, see below are too much


so we are going to be closing the 3 bogs, but just keeping Twitter which is much easier.

I would just like to say a big thank you to all our readers for their submissions over the years, and sorry to those we had to turn away with proposals that were a little too controversial! 

All in a days work, but you can email us and send issues or concerns and chat on Twitter xx


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  2. Seriously G, you can't go! I love the blog and I'm not on twitter, so what will those people do who are not on that media site? I think a lot of older people won't get twitter.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment,the sad thing is about that a blog that challenges thing is that people become nasty, threatening and venomous, The blog has never made any threats just published info sent to us and shared media posts with comments,And to be honest this bitching has gone on for years from people and it just gets boring.
    Someone new will be starting some new local blogs in the area so we have been told, I think a blog for many is an outlet for injustices, I follow Jack O North, sometimes he is spot on and other times especially on twitter he is highly discrimintory, even worse, but he should be allowed an opinion. If people felt treated fairly the the council, government, police, nhs etc blogs would not exist, But thank you, all I can suggest is that you set up a twitter account and just follow people. Thank you again for your kind words

  4. Sad news, I agree with the person above, Twitter is awful

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  6. Have you closed the blog due to the Cllr in Abergele?

    1. No not at all the reasons are above, I have never met the Cllr in question and he has never done me a wrong, however others who have submitted posts feel differently. We have some here in Llandudno and the surrounding areas that continually upset people, but in fairness councillors should be accountable, suspend, investigate, punish or clear just like council staff. I think the problem is that some think they are untouchable, and it winds people up. To balance this some councillors are lovely, and work for the benefit of the community, but like everything it is subjective, or their actions are.


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