Abergele Allotment Application and Council Costs!

A fair question to be asked, because if it is a completely private allotment, no council services should be applied unless the owner of the site pays for them.

Dear Conwy County Borough Council,
Planning Application - 0/50673
To provide communal allotments and a recreational area for the people of Abergele in the form of 50 No. allotments, some with storage units. To support the scheme a toilet and a separate machinery and storage shed will be provided.
(Why would you need machinery on an allotment?)

 Allotment parking areas on site, off-road. Historic and native tree planting screening the site along with 400m of native wildlife hedge.

Can the council please clarify the following regarding the above application

1, Will the council be paying for anything or costs, or grants for the site?
Waste Collection,
Or anything else? And What costs, please?

2, Will the council be making any adaptions to the roads? Roundabouts, Access Points?
(if so what are the costs?)

3, Will the council play any role in the running, and maintenance of the site?
If so what are the costs, please?

4, Apparently there are 50 people waiting for allotments in the area, is this on a Council Waiting list?

5, If so to the above are the people to be transferred to a private allotment scheme that will not include the council's own policies and procedure's?

6, How can a private allotment have a waiting list from the council transferred over to them in law?

7, If this is a private allotment will the council be inspecting it and monitoring it?

8, Also will the sewage be a soak away or flush to the mains?

Thank you kindly

Yours faithfully,



  1. Its a fair question, at least the council can put it in writing either way, and if it turns out to be untrue the foi can be used in evidence.


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