Gwynedd Cases of classroom violence! foi request

Reading through the foi requests are fascinating, it is recommended reading!

Some of the requests are the same for every council, while others are not. Some are very basic, others more in-depth! 

We have done printed some on Abergele most recently, but before that it has been other areas, and it really does depend on what is going on in an area.

We seldom put in requests, the last one was a few years to the health board, but most of the time we either get emails letting us know that there are new ones or from checking the site. 

Always interesting and anyone has the right to submit a request.

I hope the council answers this soon, we need to see what violence teachers are being subjected to.

Dear Gwynedd Council,

Can I please have the statistics for:

1. The amount of cases of violence in the classroom in primary schools year-by-year since 2019
2. The amount of cases of violence in the classroom in secondary schools year-by-year since 2019

This is violence against teachers.

Yours faithfully,



  1. If my memory serves me right this blog has been around for over 16 years and done coverage mainly of Llandudno, Colwyn Bay and Rhyl, so why the recent focus on Abergele?

  2. Thank you, We are not focused on Abergele, but it just depends what people contact us about, and what is of interest. Abergele has been quiet for years, but at the moment there are some issues around, where Colwyn is quite quiet as is Llandudno, it will all change, it always does.


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