North Wales... 607 Teachers Assaulted By Children Over A Five Year Period!

This is really scary and the statistics are only for Denbighshire Council Schools, however, someone is going to do one for Conwy Council.

Also, the statistics show that the incidents are rising quite sharply. I think more and more people will avoid training as teachers and the profession is going to struggle to recruit.

This information is from a FOI request, but also this article is an eye-opener! 

Teachers being abused by children as young as five, union says

see the link below...

Dear Denbighshire County Council,

Could I please have the statistics for The number of cases of classroom violence against teachers in both Primary and Secondary schools, respectively, since 2018?

Yours faithfully,

Thank you for your request for information received
09/01/2023 concerning Violence Against Teachers. The information below is,
to the best of our knowledge, from the incident information that we have,
an accurate illustration. The incidents range from Minor/No Injury to
Major Injury.

2018 – 57 incidents
2019 - 98 incidents
2020 – 96 incidents
2021 – 138 incidents
2022 – 218 incidents

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact



  1. Why would anyone want to be a teacher in this day and age?


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