Abergele...Alleged Sewage Leak and Flooding Sees New Allotment Site Reported to Council & Natural Resources For Wales!

Thank you to a concerned resident from Ewloe Drive for these pictures posted on social media.

The resident was concerned about the flooding and leaked sewage on the land.

Residents have reported the matter to Conwy Council and Natural Resources For Wales investigating.

Interestingly enough, supporters of this allotment claimed it did not flood, however, locals nearby stated clearly that it did! 

I wonder which is true!, but worryingly if true would you like to grow and eat vegetables on land that has sewage leaking onto it? I know my answer! 


  1. Grow your veg in sewage, how lovely!

  2. As always people fail to read things properly, the complaints that have gone in to Conwy Council & Natural Resources For Wales, are from local residents who have videoed and photographed the area, the pictures and the complaints have nothing to do with this site, if you have issues ask the Abergele residents complaining to step forward, maybe its the same ones who are always complaining about the Castle and Dog walking, but no complaint has gone in from here.

  3. People have a right to raise concerns if they have seen sewage on the site, I would have reported it if I had seen it

  4. That wall looks a mess, it has been thrown back up.

  5. The problem with Abergele is not this blog but a click of Cllr's and residents who all post Anonymously on Facebook and run certain groups online! They don't use their real names but use their hidden identities to attack others and groups to cause problems and fuel the hate online. Sadly non will do it in their own name yet attack this blog and others for doing what they do! Total hypocrisy.

    1. There is no sewage involved in the field...whoever said there is, has no clue.
      Importantly, There is no sewage outlet or drain in the field either - suggest the stirrers ask both Dwr Cymru and NRW who will confirm the fact. The field sufferes from rain water inundation only
      This site spreads more excrement than any other malicious site known!

    2. What an odd comment, it has come from residents not this site so get your facts right and they photographed and filmed it, and sent it to the bodies concerned, if you have concerns about malice, check out the Abergele pages on Facebook, they really know how to spread malice, and is full of comments from councillors with aliases online! also try speaking to the neighbour's who reported it, they must believe that they have some proof.

  6. This field is often flooded, it is a bad idea to put the allotments here



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