Conwy Council ...New Public Consultation For Town

Basically, the council wants to reduce car parking spaces and put more cycle tracks! My view is no to lose parking spaces, It is so handy to pull in if there is a space, but If people are forced to cycle people will go elsewhere. Its renovation, selective letting to the right brand, and cheaper rents and rates that are needed.

This write-up is from Cllr Chris Brockley who is a really nice guy and a great Cllr.

 Conwy is about to consult on plans for the further regeneration of Colwyn Bay. This is under the heading of the Active Travel Project which is how we will be hoping to obtain the funding to continue to regenerate the Bay. The main focus of these plans is the underpass from the pier into the town, the Train Station frontage, Penrhyn Road & Station Road and Ivy Street in the middle, and Abergele Road up to and including the Marine roundabout.

This is the 3rd recent attempt to bid for funding to regenerate Colwyn Bay town center. The previous two bids fell short for various reasons, the last one notably for not adequately fulfilling the active travel goals that the funding was aimed at along with some negative comments from the highways agency regarding resilience should there be a major incident on the A55 in the Bay Area. The current proposals which are up for consultation for your input come from a review of the previous two failed consultations and the feedback received along the way and a thorough review of the funding criteria. From this we have the proposed plans which will be going live today at (look for the Colwyn Bay section)

The consultation is open from 17th October to 14th November online and you can drop in in person to CCBC at Coed Pella on 27th October between 1.30pm and 6.30pm and discuss with officers. You may also write to ERF PO Box 1, Conwy LL30 9GN to request a postal pack or call 01492 575337 and request a Colwyn Bay Town Centre Regeneration and Active Travel Project Consultation. We need your thoughts on what you do and don’t like about these proposals along with how you normally travel through this area. This will all be fed into the final plans that will be submitted to hopefully obtain funding to carry out these improvements. Over to you. 


  1. What a joke to take away all of the parking spaces, it just goes to show how out of touch the council are


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