Details of massive council tax shake up in Wales to be announced today!

They just keep on hammering homeowners and small businesses, despite people struggling to keep their heads above water, and just because an estimate of how much your house is worth, does not necessarily mean that it will sell for that amount.

The only fair way is to do it by occupant, not house price.

This comment and the Daily Post Article says it all really.

Personal feeling and thought: Yet again, we see another money-grabbing exercise by this spend and waste Welsh Assembly, attacking those who have worked hard for what they have to give it away to those who have not done a days work in their lives.

Details of the Welsh Government's plans to reform council tax across Wales which could see new bands and changes to tax rates will be announced today. The Welsh Government has long promised reform of the system. Today [November 14] a consultation about how that redesign will look will be published.

The consultation will ask people's views on how to make council tax fairer, including potentially adding new council tax bands and changing the tax-rates. The consultation will also include timescales about changes, WalesOnline reports. This afternoon, finance minister Rebecca Evans will make a statement to plenary titled, "delivering a fairer council tax", which is scheduled to last 30 minutes.

In May it was announced that Ms Evans had commissioned the independent Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to revalue Wales' properties, so the government could build a new system of council tax bands.

Currently, each of Wales' 1.5 million properties are placed in nine tax bands, A to I, that were set on the property values as of April 1, 2003. The Welsh Government added the additional tax band (Band I) for the highest-value properties in April, 2005, and has maintained national support for low-income households.

Wales is the only country in the UK that has updated its valuations since council tax was introduced in 1993, with council tax rates in England and Scotland still being based on 1991 evaluations. A report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies suggests house prices across Wales had increased by 150% between 2003-2022.

This means people living in properties that have increased in value by more than the Wales average since 2003 are likely to be paying less council tax than they should, whilst others in properties whose value has not kept pace with the Wales average have been paying more than they should. The IFS said the system was "out-of-date, regressive and distortionary".

At that time, Ms Evans said changes would come into force by April, 2025.



  1. Yet more ways to steal our money for incompetent service provision and with an inability to manage and budget our money!

  2. They waste we pay! So wrong indeed.


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