Remembrance 2023: How Conwy Our Towns Plan to Honour Our Fallen Heroes

Just imagine how these poor young men felt when they were heading for the front line, it must have been horrific, and many of them were just children, and for those who survived or survive in any war after the damage of what they have seen and experienced is there for the rest of their lives.

What is sickening that a certain religion and its supporters for a terrorist organization care nothing about our culture and those who died for what we have now.

Shame on them for disrupting our Poppy Parades, its unforgivable. people will soon be assaulted for wearing poppies, and a veteran was injured yesterday.

And this is what is happening to Britain as Poppies are burnt and banners like this are made, shocking, be proud of our soldiers and stand up against this evil.

WITH this year’s Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday just days away, towns along the Conwy coast have planned services to mark the special day.

**This list will be updated as events and services come in. If you have details relating to remembrance that you would like to share, email**

Here are some dates for your diaries - all set to take place on November 12:

Colwyn Bay

9.45am – Service at St Paul’s Church

10.30am – Parade forms up on Woodland Road East

10.40am – Parade from St Paul’s Church to War Memorial, Queen’s Gardens

10.55am – Continuation of service and laying of wreaths


9.45am – Service of remembrance to be held at The Church of the Holy Trinity followed by remembrance service at the War Memorial

Penrhyn Bay

10.15am – Service of remembrance to be held at Penrhynside Village Hall followed by remembrance service at the War Memorial



  1. Shocking, just shocking, they should boot this garbage out of the country

  2. Thank heavens the Pro Hamas lot kept out of North Wales


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