Colwyn Bay Conservation Area Is Disappearing Fast!

This article was posted by a lady called G L Campbell on the Colwyn Bay Notice Board.
The pictures show the last few bits of green land in the conservation area that are soon to be built up with housing.

The destruction has been going on for some time, Beech Developments tore down a stunning house for a block of flats, and then a nursing home was responsible for more destruction by the Rhydal School, and yet more Carbuncle blocks of flats have been built.

One could say in a slap-dash way, that there is little point having a conservation area if it is to be treated with such contempt.

There is something in law where you can appeal to remove an area from being a conservation area if a certain percentage of it has been destroyed, thus the area no longer meeting the original protection, due to the loss of trees, large houses etc. I have kept the documents, so I need to dig it out!


  1. Very sad news indeed, its all block of flats now by Beech Developments and trash like that, calling their flats tacky names like "The "Sick" amores"

  2. They have been destroying it for years, Beech developments did a lot of damage with their awful blocks of flats

  3. Hardly anything left of it now, such a shame.


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