Colwyn Bay....Social Housing Block Of Flats Labelled a 'gross overdevelopment' by Campaigners!

The local paper also gave a lot of wrong information. The owner had wanted to convert the building back into two houses. For no good legal reason, the council refused and within minutes the second application for the block of flats had been drawn up by the developer who did not even own the site. 

This timeline was altered for the local coverage. Everyone gets angry about the Post Office scandal but the rot is everywhere and people need to fight the rot.

I love some of the comments on Facebook

"local news/council/big developer/share holders all hand in glove."

"I agree totally, corrupt to the core"

"a retired journalist once told me that after working with many councils across the UK he found Conwy to be the most rotten of all."

"needs fully investigating and exposing."

"The owner signed the contracts with the Housing Association last Friday after being given very little choice as the council would not allow the building to be turned back into its previous layout."

"This is all part of CCBC's master plan to make Colwyn Bay as unattractive as possible while Keeping Llandudno to the fore. Look at the Prom, the Pier ? The carbuncle at Coed Pella. Then this towards West End. They Do Not Care about Colwyn Bay it is merely a Cash Cow to provide Revenue from Council Tax. Hence they will not allow 2 Houses to be separated but will allow an UGLY Block of Flats. There are more than enough HMO in Colwyn already so this is just a "fancy" variation of Greenfield Road. And acceptable to CCBC as it helps their vision to denigrate the town. What are the Elected Councillors doing to Protect Colwyn Bay ? Ask them !"

And the article...

Residents living on a ‘tranquil’ Colwyn Bay street say plans for 23 affordable apartments would be out of character of the area. Wales and West Housing Association has applied to Conwy County Council’s planning department, seeking permission to develop the site of the now vacant Guy’s Cliff Nursing Home on the corner of Conway Road and Alexandra Road.

The home’s last owner retired, selling the building before Christmas 2022. Conwy is currently in the middle of a housing crisis, with hundreds of people on the council waiting list for homes, so the authority is in dire need of affordable properties.

Councillors have said that affordable housing across the county is badly needed to meet a rising demand and help solve a homelessness problem. But some residents fear the plans would be ‘a gross overdevelopment of a peaceful area’.

Resident Tobi Ross is one of a group of residents who have contacted MP David Jones and MS Darren Millar about the proposals. “Alexandra Road, nestled within the West End of Colwyn Bay and adjacent to the conservation area at the south end, boasts a unique charm and architectural heritage,” said Svetlana.

“The tranquil road is flanked on both sides by exquisite two-storey red brick and stone-fronted Edwardian semi-detached houses, gracefully set back from the road, that has remained unchanged for over 120 years. This neighbourhood consists of 13 private residences, three nursing homes, and a centre dedicated to aiding sight and hearing-impaired.

Applicant Mr J. Jones has submitted a planning application to Conwy County Council, seeking to convert Guys Cliff Care Home in Colwyn Bay into two homes.
Applicant Mr J. Jones has submitted a planning application to Conwy County Council, seeking to convert Guys Cliff Care Home in Colwyn Bay into two homes.© Reach Publishing Services Limited

“The proposed structure, with its 23 apartments spanning three stories, starkly contrasts with the local architectural character of one of Colwyn Bay's most picturesque roads. Furthermore, it blatantly disregards the criteria outlined by Conwy Council for harmonising with existing street lines, ridge lines, and car parking requirements. Such a development, in essence, represents an unwarranted intensification and gross overdevelopment of a peaceful suburban neighbourhood.”

He added: "One of the local residents, in his professional capacity as a local housing construction site manager, has overseen the construction of numerous housing projects in the Conwy area, including open/mixed and purely social housing developments, amounting to over 400 homes, with 150 designated for social housing.

“His experience allows us to appreciate the vital importance of catering to social housing needs while also considering the interests of the open market and first-time buyers. However, it is abundantly clear that the proposed development in question would not align with the standards set by Conwy Council if it were for an open market project.

“Our community’s concern revolves around the potential expedited approval of this development by the council planning committee. There is apprehension that they might use the pretext of addressing social housing needs, neglecting due consideration for the well-being of the existing community.”

A heritage statement provided as part of the application explained the former nursing home building was made up of two former separate homes. The statement added that the buildings did not have heritage recognition or protection and were not listed buildings - or within a conservation area.

The statement reads: “Individually the buildings afford no particular heritage merit being typical examples of early 20th century building types, adulterated by modern interventions, found in towns and cities across the UK.”

The heritage statement suggested the new design should be in keeping with the area. “In general built-environment terms, however, some value may be seen to lie in how the scale forms and general appearance of Guy’s Cliff accords, complements, and reinforces the character of the neighbourhood,” it reads.

The planning application will be debated at a future Conwy County Council planning committee, and residents have until February 1 to write either in support or in objection to the development. Wales and West Housing Association was contacted for a comment.



  1. Shocking, Wales and West are so corrupt

  2. Wales and West are scum, fancy wanting to pull down these lovely houses.

  3. Have a word with yourselves! The current building is nothing special and sits next to more flats, Lidl and a busy road junction. People need affordable homes.

    1. These flats are social housing fine, but for such a huge block right by a busy road is not a good idea, large developments like this need to be in the right place, this isnt, thanks for your comment

    2. All the town houses across the road are 3 storeys

  4. Yes they are but this block of social housing is way too large, and does not even blend in, if it was brick and smaller it may be better, but this looks cheap and nasty like most of their buildings do

  5. Wales and West build total shitty buildings, they ruin areas with these flats


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