Colwyn Bay...Two 13 Year Olds Arrests by Police investigating anti-social behaviour!

These two delightful teens need to go into a nice secure unit for a while, and not be released back into the community.

It sounds like an assault or assaults were made and then posted on social media, I could be wrong of course!

TWO 13-year-olds have been arrested as part of an investigation into anti-social behaviour.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team in Colwyn Bay told residents that two arrests were made in the Old Colwyn area.

Both teenagers have been released with bail conditions while enquiries continue.

It follows local concerns of a video being shared on social media showing an incident involving high school-aged children in Colwyn Bay as well as ongoing issues of assault, harassment, and repeated anti-social behaviour.

Sgt Daniel Ball said: "They are now released from custody with bail conditions while we continue to investigate and work with our partners in Youth Justice Services and the local schools.

"Due to the age of the suspects and the victim of the assault, we would ask that the public understand that we are not able to name them and would ask that others also do not do so on social media."



  1. The courts are far too soft with delinquents

  2. What lovely delinquents I wonder what there parents are like?

  3. They should be in a nice secure unit


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