Abergele Reader Submission! Permissive Sign!

A big thank you to one of our readers who lives right next to the allotment plot for sending this in.

Here is what was said,

Cllr Woody had these signs put up on his part of the boundary wall where his allotments are and it was him kicking up a stink about the drive being a public road well, he found otherwise and put these notices up himself …..talk about giving out a load of shit to get voted back in …

One of the biggest advantages of permissive routes is that landowners can either temporarily or permanently close them at any time, without needing to give the public notice.

Some of the reader comments on the post are..

"Isn't this an essential access to a local animal farm?"

"yes it is owned by the farm"

"And the tarmacked road also paid by Monarfon Farm."

"on the side drive that owned by the farm …the main drive owned by the Abergele lodge , the farm , the golf course"

"he put these signs up months ago himself nothing to do with us ….they are on his wall ..the farm wall is opposite and the side driveway is owned by the farm ….so after all this bullshit he was telling people that the drive etc were public he knew dam well that they wasn’t just to get votes ….and planning permission"

I am sure I read somewhere that some of the councillors were unhappy with the Castles Permitted Access, I could be wrong!

 The original post was in part posted on Facebook and Twitter 


  1. Woody is so sly, he brings Abergele down

    1. Be a man or woman and put your name to a personal comment

    2. The person who shared this asked not to be named, but there are a number of Abergele Councillors who have false names and accounts online so maybe when the councillors put their real names on these sites and posts it might insire others to do similar

  2. Woody is vile and so sly, I feel unclean every time I see him.

  3. Arrogant little man


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