Is The Colwyn Bay Travelodge Providing Homeless Accommodation?

A little birdy told us that the Colwyn Bay Travelodge is providing accommodation for the homeless, although at this stage we do not have the figures, also The Rhos on Sea Golf Club is doing similar!

Its a shame they demolished the Rhothsea Hotel which was a really good place for the homeless and provided meals too, it was demolished for a block of flats,     


  1. When this awful Carbuncle was built, I thought it was agreed that it could not house the homeless? To be honest I can't understand how it is still open.

  2. The Travelodge is a total slum anyway, you want to see the types that hang out the front of the place smoking! It looks like a doss hotel.

  3. What a dump the Travelodge is

  4. It definitely is. I stayed there after a late one at work and couldn't be bothered going home and there were a few.


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