Llandudno...Are Four Hotels In The Town To Be Used To House Migrants?


A man came into Wetherspoons yesterday and my wife and I had decided to take the grandchildren for lunch, we new him and he came over and asked if had we heard about four hotels in Llandudno being used to place Migrants! 

Now we both said no we had heard nothing but he was quite clear that it was true, one was the Grand and three others were hotels that are up for sale in the town! 

We had not heard anything so we decided to check, The Grand Hotel is still taking bookings but some Britania Hotels are taking Migrants.

There are around six or seven maybe even more other hotels in Llandudno for sale, but we can find no mention at this stage that Migrants are to be housed there!

If anyone has any information please let us know in the comments, Thank you.

And hotels listed for sale, 








And https://www.northwalespioneer.co.uk/news/24037114.listed-llandudno-seafront-hotel-closes-due-fall-trade/


  1. Hotels are closing at an alarming rate in the town, and some are just selling up, but rather than leave them empty it makes sense for migrants to use them

  2. Why not, hotels are struggling in the town so it saves them going empty


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