Petition...Head Of Conwy County Council Charles McCoubrey Needs To Resign

This petition has just popped up on Twitter! At last someone has decided to do something! See the petition below, please and share.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Since Charlie McCoubrey took the post of Conwy Council Leader on the 13th of May 2021 he has run the council down to the ground.                        

His incompetence has seen…                                                                             

1, Massive debt by the council                                                                         

2, Huge increases in Council Tax to the public                                                  

3, A failure to address problematic councilors, and what can be described as less than professional actions and at no time (did he condemn them, even though some were close friends of his, and I am sure this was not the reason!)

4, Cutting funding to schools, which has been heavily condemned by teachers, schools and the community.                                                            

5, Cutting Library hours despite community uproar!                                        

McCoubrey has failed to provide an exact account of where all of the overspending has occurred, and in which departments enabling the public to scrutinize the overspending!

Also, he allowed pay increases for himself, his Staff, and Councillors with backpay into the Millions whilst residents face huge council tax increases.    

At no point has the Leader asked taxpayers where they want cuts, and no cuts have occurred within the council's staffing tiers.                                        

Leader Charles McCoubrey needs to resign or be sacked there can be no other option, and someone competent to replace him which won't be difficult  


  1. The man needs to be sacked, where is all this overspend coming from? He won't even give people a straight answer and yet he excepted a pay increase with no problem!

  2. Could it be that he is responsible for nearly every council in the UK being in the same situation? Or could that be due to a Tory Government in Westminster for the last 14 years? State one thing that is better now than it was last year? or 2 years ago? or 7 years ago? or 14 years ago? Everything is worse in my view, worse schools, work NHS, worse public services - tell me I'm wrong!

    1. The wage increases could have been put on hold as they have been before, there should have been public consultation on what services are to be cut and also a clear breakdown of each department or service that ran into debt, and his handling and silence over troublesome Councillors was unforgivable, but thank you for your opinion.

  3. The man and his Abergele cronies are garbage

  4. He gives me the creeps, I have seen him in meetings and find he makes people quite uncomfortable, just like his three chums do


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