Public Repulsion As Muslim Charity Exposed Fundraising For Evil Chemical Attacker’s Funeral!

Firstly he was meant to be a Christian convert, so why did a Muslim charity raise money to bury him in a Muslim cemetery? All very odd indeed, and maybe garbage like him should have been given a pauper funeral?                Clapham chemical attacker Abdul Ezedi was buried with a false name after a charity raised more than £6,000 for his funeral.

Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, 35, was found dead in the Thames after going on the run following his brutal attack on a mother and her two children in January.

Now it’s been revealed that the charity Muslim Burial Fund (MBF) raised £6,596 to bury Ezedi after appealing for funds for ‘Abdul Wahed’.

The appeal read: ‘Please give our brother a dignified Islamic burial. He died tragically in suspicious circumstances with no one to claim his body.’

An MBF representative told MailOnline: ‘Regardless of any person’s faith, be it Muslim or Christian, if the next of kin decide their loved one wants such and such a burial that’s what will happen. It is not the media who will decide nor the court of public opinion.

‘Regardless of the person’s background, whatever they have been accused of doing, whatever their faith, as a charity we will only bury Muslims.’

Ezedi was buried in a small east London cemetery
Ezedi was buried in a small east London cemetery (Picture: BBC)
A massive manhunt was launched for Ezedi after the Clapham attack (Picture: PA)
A massive manhunt was launched for Ezedi after the Clapham attack (Picture: PA)

Ezedi was buried in a small Islamic ceremony earlier this month in east London.

Previously he was convicted of ‘sexual assault/exposure’ at Newcastle Crown Court in 2018 and was given a suspended sentence with an unpaid work order.

Ezedi was discharged from probation supervision once the order was completed in 2020.  

He made two failed applications for asylum before a third was granted, in either 2021 or 2022, when he said he had converted to Christianity, putting him at risk if he returned to Afghanistan.

The claim was backed up by a priest who wrote a letter supporting his claim.Ezedi had previously left Afghanistan in 2016 before arriving in the UK by lorry, according to the BBC.

Ezedi’s body was found in the River Thames at around in late February after being spotted by the crew of a passing boat in the water at Tower Pier EC3.

He was accused of throwing a strong alkali on his former partner and injuring her three and eight-year-old daughters in the horrific Clapham attack in January this year.During his time on the run that saw him bounce across London, he boarded a Tube train at Clapham South Underground station and by 8pm he was at King’s Cross Tube station in north London.

GoFundMe was created for the victims which raised £45,000 for the ‘generous, sweet, loving mother and her two small daughters’ who were attacked.

‘This attack has changed the lives of this wonderful little family forever,’ the fundraiser read. From.....


  1. Why would anyone pay for this piece of garbage to be buried? Plus he clearly wasn't Christian, or they never would have buried him, its an obvious rose to get a certain group into the country!

  2. A Muslim given a Christian burial, how odd!


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