Colwyn Bay Chamber Of Trade Post On Bins!


This post was posted on the Facebook Chamber Of Trade page, I have written and included these photos to the Town Council.

Footfall in the Bay has declined massively and we had our annual Show Saturday, attracting a lot of visitors to our town with their cameras.
To be greeted by this is totally unacceptable.
Back Bay View Rd
Who is responsible for keeping our town clean before we are overrun by rats., Whilst I agree with the person posting, this area has been like this for years this is why the Theatre put gates up behind the Theatre, but the area will get even worse with another block of social housing flats soon to be built right next to the already problematic block that is there, The litter from that place, and crime is well known, maybe they need to start fining the owners of the bins for doing this? or allowing it at least.


  1. Too much social housing in Colwyn Bay, and the same is happening in Llandudno too, they need to build more of these blocks of flats out of town

  2. This has been happening for years, and more litter will befall the area with the new social housing block being built there!


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