Colwyn Bay....Uproar As Dog Walkers Claim Council Failed To Consult Over Dog Beach Ban!

The council have just put up posters warning that there is now a dog ban on some parts of Colwyn Bay beach, the ban is from the Pier to the Skip at Porth Eirias. We have two dogs, and always pick up and bin any mess, but  the sand at the top of the beach where the tide does not reach is full of dog mess. This ruins it for everyone! Below are some exserts from the Facebook post which readers discuss this!                                                                 Katrina Jones

The amount of dogs in this area is unreal.                                                                                                 Brett Ball
Unless someone can tell me different I Don't belive this has been resolved yet, so that sign isnt legal or enforable as it stands. The councils own website also is still giving out misleading / illegal information, ( as in hasn't been updated to its currently legal standing on it) Andrea Allen
To be honest if this is the only area they decide on its not the worst but i don’t think it will help the coffee/ little stalls in winter if its all year because not many people without dogs walk in winter only us mad dog walkers go out in all weather 🤣  Steve Owen
I didnt realise there were so many restrictions in place
Apparently it is correct as I discovered late on last night after contacting my local councillor....once again the sneaky fecks that are the council have not informed the public !!! Dyfan Roberts
To be honest people who visit the beach are leaving a much worse state every day, and even if there is dog poo there it’s left by the owner anyway! Same as they leave litter, used bbq’s and anything else they can’t be arsed carrying home.
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  1. There is loads of dog muck on the beach where the tide does not reach

  2. Hardly the best plan, they should have banned dogs off of the whole beach not just that bit in the middle.


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