Vote For Reform UK ON July 4th!

These leaflets are going around Clwyd North, and one of our friends in Abergele let us have this. We have John Clark in Llandudno. In fairness Labour wants open borders which will do even more damage and the Conservatives are too weak to stop Immigration, So reform it is.


Clwyd North Constituency

Jamie Orange Clwyd North Constituency Reform UK PPC

Candidate - Jamie Orange



My name is Jamie Orange, and I’m proud to be your Reform UK candidate for Clwyd North.

Having lived in Wales my entire life, I've witnessed the damage inflicted by the Welsh Labour government and the failures of the Conservatives in Westminster. The people of Clwyd North and all of Wales deserve better. Here’s my plan:

Revitalise Our Economy:
We need to embrace a more free-market approach to ensure our local businesses can thrive. I propose scrapping business rates and raising the VAT threshold to make trading easier both domestically and internationally.

Support Our Farmers:
Farmers are the backbone of our country. I will work to scrap the unrealistic Net-Zero targets and the rewilding scheme enforced by the Welsh Labour government, which coerces farmers into surrendering 20% of their land for wildflowers and trees in exchange for subsidies.

Champion Individual Freedom:
I stand firmly against the introduction of a Digital ID and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) system, which threaten to turn citizens into state-controlled entities. I will fight to uphold absolute freedom of speech by repealing draconian hate speech laws and banning facial recognition technology. Additionally, I advocate for withdrawing from the WEF, WHO, and UN to restore our sovereignty.

Reform the Tax System:
Our tax system needs a complete overhaul. I propose raising the income tax threshold to £20,000 per year, which would provide working people with an additional £1,500 annually. Furthermore, I support scrapping VAT on energy bills to ease the financial burden on households.

Invest in Nuclear Energy:
We should aggressively pursue nuclear energy to secure cheaper energy bills and long-term energy security.

Overhaul Road Tax:
I will push for a return to the road fund licence system, as it existed before 1936. With the Vehicle Excise Duty generating around £35 billion per year and the estimated cost to repair roads being £13.5 billion, we have the funds needed. Road tax should be based on vehicle weight rather than emissions, potentially allowing for future tax reductions.

Control Immigration:
It's essential to freeze immigration and stop illegal crossings. Mass immigration has strained our housing, healthcare, schools, and wages. By freezing immigration, we can focus on building adequate housing for current residents.

The people of Clwyd North deserve a representative who will fight for their interests and work tirelessly to bring about real change. I am that candidate, and I am committed to making Clwyd North and Wales a better place for all. 

Bangor Aberconwy Constituency


John's personal political views are centre-right / libertarian.

For the last 22 years, John has been running a small business in Conwy, so he knows what Welsh businesses are up against – high taxes, too much regulation, intense competition and inflation. Twelve years of Tory rule has benefited the few at the expense of the nation and proved their economic incompetence.

John voted for Brexit because he believes in the British people. He is proud of British history and believes that democracy is the only way to govern this amazing country.

John believes Britain should not be involved in endless foreign wars and that our armed forces should focus on defending Britain and British interests. We can regain our place globally through leadership, good business practices and entrepreneurial creativity.

He is also a populist, so if he succeeds in getting elected, he will advocate for his constituent's wishes, even if they are sometimes at odds with his own opinion. He strongly believes elected people work for the people who voted them in, not the other way around.

If you trust John with your vote, he will fight for a strong United Kingdom and will always seek to represent your interests over any external concern or pressure group. From......


  1. They are our only hope really, to stop the boats

  2. I really hope they do well

  3. 5 seats is really good going, we need to stop the boats and they are the only party that will


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