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Wales ...Reject proposed 36 extra Members of the Senedd by 2026 Petition!


To be honest I think they are useless just as they are. A recent campaign to stop the demolition of a Historic Building and also heritage was taken to the Senedd, however, despite passionate pleas for changes in legislation one woman in charge said no and that was it!

No democracy there then! What is the point in them? We are bullied by The Council, and Central Government and now Bullied by the Welsh government so how is more of them going to make any difference?

PetitionReject proposed 36 extra Members of the Senedd by 2026.

Labour and Plaid Cymru propose to extend the present 60 MS to 96 members by 2026. This is a waste of more public money where it can be better used on public services, such as better funding for local councils. With the ongoing cost of living crisis, this will result in more waste of public money with the cost of employing 36 members and support staff. I think a vote on this by the Welsh people would be a better idea of democracy at work.

To sign the petition see https://petitions.senedd.wales/petitions/245171?fbclid=IwAR2cnR9yIkYjvfetlBDl3C1pJoO2dIMDdcMin2KUGkB_uOHfWNzagsbPT4s

Llandudno ...Fundraising Appeal Following Arson at Colwyn Bay Cricket Club

So sad that this happened, such a lovely place and part of the community.

I hope they can raise enough money to repair the building after the delinquents who were arrested set fire to the Club.

See the fundraiser here https://www.gofundme.com/f/CBCC-fire?utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet&utm_medium=chat&utm_source=whatsapp-visit

The club was founded in 1923 and started playing at its Penrhyn Avenue ground in Rhos-on-Sea in 1924. The 1st and 2nd teams play in their respective ECB First Divisions of the Liverpool and District Cricket Competition.

Interestingly the Club which is called The Colwyn Bay Cricket Club is not is Colwyn Bay, but sits in between Llandudno and Colwyn Bay!

Monday, 30 May 2022

Flowering Cacti Joy! (Mouse Tail Cactus / Rhipsalis Horrida )

It flowers every year without fail and needs little care. Always a joy to see. But is it Cactus or Cacti?

Cacti is the Latin plural of cactus, and for English speakers is a more widespread usage. Cactuses are the English plural and is also completely acceptable to use. Dictionaries list both as being correct leaving it up to the user which they prefer.

Llandudno...Youth and parent arrested in Rhos-on-Sea after assaults and breaching bail

Sound like a lovely pair eh!

A YOUTH and his parent were arrested in Rhos-on-Sea after the former was found to be breaching bail conditions and the latter then assaulted several officers.

This took place while North Wales Police (NWP) carried out bail checks in the area last night (May 29).

Both are currently in custody, and no officers were injured following the assaults.

NWP West Conwy Coastal said: “Whilst carrying out bail checks in the Rhos-on-Sea area tonight (May 29), officers have found a youth currently subject to court curfew conditions to be in breach of bail.

“As a result of this, officers have arrested the youth in order to put him back before the courts.

“Whilst carrying out this arrest the youth’s parent has attempted to obstruct officers and in the process has assaulted several of them, luckily causing no injuries.

“The adult has also been arrested and both are currently in St Asaph Custody Suite.

“The message here is clear. North Wales Police will not tolerate the utterly appalling behavior of the very small minority of the local community who seem to think they can do as they please.

“We will take robust action when required, make arrests and send people to court.

“As always, we thank the vast majority of the community for their support while we work with partners to try and resolve these problems.”

From ...https://www.northwalespioneer.co.uk/news/20174536.youth-parent-arrested-rhos-on-sea-breaching-bail-assaults/

Colwyn Bay ...County Council launches consultation on draft Corporate Plan

We know what the council will focus on! Basically, themselves, ignoring the public, messing up with finances and taxing us more, destroying our heritage, employing people who are corrupt, as well as internal corruption, so nothing will change here! 

And with McCoubrey at the helm things look set to get even worse.

THE Council invites the public to submit their views and suggestions on its draft Corporate Plan 2022-27.

The Plan sets out the Council’s goals to make improvements. In the creation of the draft, the Council has already spoken to organizations and community groups, professionals and staff, Town and Community Councils, and families and young people.

Feedback has told of peoples’ experience of Council services and what the Council should focus on in the near future.

The draft five-year plan can now be seen and commented on, on the Conwy County Borough Council website, while other feedback can be emailed to countyconversation@conwy.gov.uk or by phone to 01492 574000.

This consultation ends on July 8, and all comments submitted will be considered before the final version of the plan is published in autumn of this year.

From ...https://www.northwalespioneer.co.uk/news/20175128.county-council-launches-consultation-draft-corporate-plan/

Sunday, 29 May 2022

North Wales ...Supermarkets should bring back glass milk bottles argues Janet Finch-Saunders MS!

It's a great idea, but what about pop bottles also they are plastic? And how will you get four pints of milk into one glass bottle?

Above is what they did years ago before we started throwing everything away!

The Member of the Welsh Parliament for Aberconwy – Janet Finch-Saunders MS – has secured a commitment from Mark Drakeford MS, First Minister, that he will take up her idea of asking supermarkets in Wales to use glass instead of plastic milk bottles.

Janet, who also serves as Shadow Minister for Climate Change, has already seen some supermarkets agree to stop selling disposable BBQs, and has now reached out to the Welsh Government for assistance in tackling the continued use of plastic milk bottles.

Commenting after securing the First Minister’s agreement, she said: “There is no denying that Wales continues to suffer from a plastic plague, so more action is needed to protect our environment.

“WRAP Cymru worked with Monmouthshire County Council to review their choice of switching from single-use plastic milk bottles to re-usable glass milk bottles.  The findings are remarkable. The move to glass resulted in cost-savings of 39% for the local authority, and a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions!

“Bearing in mind that Rhondda Cynon Taf alone recycled 750 tonnes of glass last year – enough to make bottles to contain 2.7 million pints of milk – I see no reason why Wales cannot follow and build on the example of Monmouthshire.

“Whilst our trusted milkmen already deliver milk in glass bottles, it is the supermarkets which are letting the side down.

“I am delighted that the First Minister as agreed to assist by cooperating with supermarkets in an effort to see them transition from plastic to glass milk bottles”.

From ...https://www.baysideradio.co.uk/news/supermarkets-should-bring-back-glass-milk-bottles-argues-ms-6246

Llandudno...Police issue social media warning after Rhos "arson rumours"

I think the police are forgetting that the community is under a wave of delinquent behavior night and day!

This includes arson, bullying, vandalism, trespass, vandalism of schools, burglary, assaults, shoplifting and so much more! 

When you are continually subjected to this, it is not easy not to jump to conclusions as one delinquent crime is just like another.

North Wales Police have asked the public to be careful not to make assumptions, and in doing so spread misinformation following an number of local incidents.

"The Policing Team in Colwyn Bay are aware of local concerns in Rhos on Sea in relation to several fires recently. We can confirm that our colleagues in CID are investigating an incident of Arson which took place at the Cricket Club in Rhos on Sea.

"Several arrests have been made already and the investigation is ongoing. We are however concerned that residents locally are making an assumption that a fire at the Co-Op store on Penrhyn Ave is also linked as a criminal act of arson.

"This is NOT the case and we can confirm that this fire was as a result of an accidental ignition from within the shop and is not a deliberate fire.

"The two fires are not connected and we would be grateful if rumours to the contrary were not perpetuated."

From ......https://www.baysideradio.co.uk/news/police-issue-social-media-warning-after-rhos-arson-rumours-6234

Llandudno.... A look at all of the Historically Famous People buried at St Tudno's Churchyard

A lovely little church, which is very plain and simple for such an Elaborate Church building era.

This is a lovely place to visit and walk around, it is so peaceful with the wind blowing through the headstones.

Western sector
1, Aldwyth Katrin Williams (d.1918) – nursed wounded soldiers, died of flu shortly before Armistice
2, Dean Patrick Mulligan (d.1906) – priest who oversaw major growth in Roman Catholic worship
3, Stephen Dunphy (d.1906) – the former sailor who ran bakeries and grocery shops
4, Thomas Evans (d.1897) – one of four mariner brothers in a house nicknamed “Sailors’ Home”
5, William “Zulu” Smith (d.1895) – mountaineer and founder of Llandudno newspaper
6, Sir John Bayley (d.1952) – founded Wrekin College at the age of 27
7, Alice Tarrey (d.1831) – died in a shipwreck after a drunken captain refused her husband’s safety plea
8, Edward Harris (d.1932) – killed in Great Orme tram crash while trying to save child passenger
9, Harry Lawrence Oakley (d.1960) – silhouette artist and Army captain in the First World War

Eastern sector
20, James Lee (d.1871) – lighthouse boy who fell while climbing to seabirds’ nest
21, Leonard Bright (d.1864) – MP’s son who innocently chose his burial place shortly before his fatal illness
22, Job Jones (d.1896) – first keeper of Great Orme lighthouse
23, Thomas Kendrick (d.1897) – his prehistoric finds included a horse jaw decorated 13,000 years ago
24, Thomas Tudno Jones (d.1895) – the poet who won the National Eisteddfod chair four times
25, Langton Prendergast Walsh (d.1927) – a linguist and first Administrator of British Somaliland
26, Mary Edith Nepean (d.1960) – artist, novelist, and wartime nurse
27, Walter Beaumont (d.1924) – a swimmer who performed amazing underwater stunts
28, Guy Everingham (d.1917) – shot down by the Red Baron soon after his wedding in Llandudno
29, Sir William Lloyd (d.1857) – One of the first Europeans to scale a Himalayan peak

map of church yard


For further information see https://historypoints.org/index.php?page=graves-at-great-orme-churchyard

Conwy, North Wales ....The list of beaches where dogs are now banned for five months in Conwy County

In fairness, there aren't that many that dogs are banned from.

From May 1 to September 30 each year no dogs are allowed on certain beaches throughout Wales

  • Rhos on Sea Beach (between Rhos Point and the eastern end of the Cayley Promenade)
  • Colwyn Bay Beach (between the Victoria Pier and the entrance to Eirias Park).
  • Pensarn Beach (between the embedded wooden posts by the café and the embedded concrete posts at the western end of the promenade).
  • Kinmel Bay Beach (between Dinas Avenue, Kinmel Bay and Sandbank Road Towyn)
  • Llandudno North Shore Beach (from Llandudno Pier to Clarence Road)
  • Llandudno West Shore Beach (between the two stone groynes)
  • Penmaenmawr Beach (from the east side of the café to the sailing club slipway)
  • Llanfairfechan Beach (between the 2 slipways extending down from the promenade to the Low Water Mark)
  • Small Sandy Beach at Rhos Point, Rhos on Sea (all year)
  • from ...https://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/full-list-welsh-beaches-dogs-23811813?fbclid=IwAR1r5qNwmbFDbBt7G4seP7DSCQxomDA8SUbQin66Vpf_KXeeWyZ_WIakr0M

Colwyn Bay....Conwy Council Erected Fencing On Embankment Leaves Locals Feeling Caged in!

Locals are wondering why the council has chosen to erect these fences at the top of the embankment, rather than at the bottom of it!

The council is of course going ahead with the controversial work and the one-way system, so feelings are running very high at the moment.

Any Thoughts?

Saturday, 28 May 2022

Colwyn Bay... Bay View Road When The Town Was A Tourist Resort!

A stunning picture of the row of Victorian houses shows how grand the town once was,

Sadly the far end houses are soon to be torn down for 51 flats for social housing,

No conversion and Lincoln Terrace is also to be torn down for more social housing flats,

Sadly social housing is destroying the town and Llys Trevor's social housing block now at the far end of the picture has a police presence continuously at the block of flats. Hardly a positive aspect of the town.


Colwyn Bay ...Crystoleum Glass Picture Felyn-y-Groes Water Wheel Mill

This is a wonderful picture of Felyn-y-Groes Water Wheel Mill, which is what it states on the reverse of the picture, but I can find little on the web about it, does anyone know?

The picture is over 112 years old, 

The crystoleum, from "crystal" + "oleum" (oil), the process was a method of applying colour to an albumen print, popular from c. 1880 – c. 1910

An albumen print was pasted face down to the inside of a concave piece of glass. 

Once the adhesive (usually starch paste or gelatin) was dry, the paper backing of the print was rubbed away, leaving only the transparent emulsion on the glass. 

The image was then coloured by hand, using oil paints. Another piece of glass was added to the back and this could also be coloured by hand. Both pieces of glass were bound together creating a detailed, albeit fragile, image. 

The process was derived from the 18th century mezzotint process. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystoleum


Colwyn Bay ...A man who damaged glass panes handed conditional discharge!

Not much of a fine, but Cartrefi Conwy appear to enjoy vandalism, look at their plans to Demolish the 300-year-old Bee Hotel in Abergele, they should be taken to court for that.

A MAN from Colwyn Bay has received a conditional discharge after he was found guilty of causing criminal damage to property in Old Colwyn.

James McLoughlin, 28, of Churchill Close, was accused of damaging three glass panes worth £270.17 belonging to Cartrefi Conwy on December 17, 2021.

Mr. McLoughlin pleaded guilty at Llandudno Magistrates’ Court on May 18. 

He received a two-year conditional discharge and is to £270.17 in compensation.

Mr McLoughlin is to pay £85 in costs to the Crown Prosecution Service, making a total payment of £355.17.



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